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Processes and techniques relating to both manufacturing and service systems. Systems approach to the efficient allocation of resources within the firm. Managing people, equipment and materials to jointly achieve organizational objectives.
661 3,467
Project management tools and techniques and the problems associated with bringing projects in on time and within estimated cost. PERT/CPM, resource leveling, team dynamics and cost estimates. Developing project proposals and project reports.
97 513
Systems approach to the collaboration of all functions in an organization to attain a customer oriented quality operation and to maintain appropriate process improvement programs.
79 320
Theory and practice of managing innovation and technology and their role in competitive business situations.
33 249
Purchasing management role and responsibilities in the firm. Internal and external relationships with other company activities and with suppliers.
46 142
Examining aspects of a business and its interactions, and attempting to improve the efficiency of the underlying processes.
38 178
Queries related to manufacturing industry - please tag the query with appropriate keywords to categorize them. Eg: cast alloy, cycle time etc.
1 2
Queries related to warehousing and storing logistics. Please tag the queries properly to categorize them. Eg: 3PL, ADC, Batch picking
1 9
Queries related to Logistics in different industries. Please tag the query properly with keywords to categorise them. Eg: Aggregate Shipment, Agreed valuation etc.
3 4
3 41
General random discussions about anything in the world - related to professional life.
370 1,056
Discussions on the new age of operations tools and ideas. Share your experiences and learn from others.
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