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HI Gurus, I would like to know how salary breakups would be & like to know how they are divided with what percentages. Expecting a response you Regards Prudhvi
From India , Hyderabad

I think based on the Basic salary remaining things will be fixed as per their percentage limits.
From India , Hyderabad
Salary Break up are like this:
1. Basic Salary: 50% of gross salary
2. HRA - 25%of Basic
3. Conveyance Allowance-Rs. 800
4. Others - Adjustment Figure
5. Gross Salary (Sum of 1-4)
6. PF - 12% of Basic
CTC - (5+6)*12
From India , New Delhi
Basic is 42% of CTC, HRA is 35% of Basic, Coveyance 9600 yearly PF 12% of basic LTA and other reimbursements:smile:
From India , Mumbai
it is
a)basic salary -according to your placement in the company or govt job
b) dearness allowances -per increase in commodity price three mthly vairies
c) city compensnates allowance,hill and fields area allowance
d) HRA or HRR as per city
e) qualification allownce
f)kit maintainence or party mess band allowance
g) % of your extra effort to increase th company reputation in money term or promotion which varies with company
h) transport allowances for 400-800 km\mthly for four wheeler
subtracting income tax and provident fund or other saving admitted by you with the company
it is your salary in your hand
From India , Ludhiana
salary break up is like this
Basic Salary 45% of Gross Salary
Hra 25% of Gross Salary
CA 15% of Gross Salary
Other perks 15% of Gross Salary
Gross salary is 1 to 4
Provident fund 12% of Basic salary
CTC is 1to 4 +12% of Provident fund amount
From India , Delhi
hi.....for e.g. say ur salary is 7500 thanBasic: 2500HRA: 18%Medical Allowance: 750Conveyance: 800Special Allowance :will be gross salary less (HRA, M.A., Conve)PF: 12%ESI :will be 1/4th of it.
From India , Pune
Hi Everyone, Please direct me on how to treat bonus lying unclaimed with me since last two years. It is getting accumulated year by year. Sandeep
From India , Pune
if gross is Rs 12000its based on slab ex RS 7500 i
Salary Break up like this
gross slab sal*55%= basic 4125
gross salb slab sal*20=HRA1500
gross slab sal*15%= conv1125
gross slab sal*10%=med750
cca 2250
edu all 2250
From India , Bangalore
My dear friends.
We can calculate the salary like this.
Basic 30%-40% of gross salary.
HRA 50% in metro city & 40% apart
of metro city of basic salary.
Convince Allowance 9600 yearly tax free.
ESI 4.75% of basic salary.
Gratuity 4.81% of basic.
Medical Reimbursement 15000 PA Tax free.
PF 12% of basic salary.
Special Allowance Urges table.
Naveen Verma
From India , Delhi
Hi I want to know wht is the actual work of HR Field & why the opportunities r very less for HR person ,Please HR me Different typers of MIS reports.
From India , Dehra Dun
I think the max HRA will be given is 60% of Basic. Educational allowance has to do nothing with basic. It depends on how much the average cost of education in a particular area for children. The educational allowance on the employee will depends on the company whether they pay for and course or only the certification charges.
From United Arab Emirates , Dubai
A)Basic 40 % Gross Saalry
B)HRA 40 % Basic
C)CCA 9600 P.A
D)EA 2400 P.A
E)PF 12% of Basic
F)Medical Alalownace 15000P.A
G)LTA 15000 P.A
H)Employer's ESI 4.75%of Gross Salry
I)Emplyoer's PF 12%of Baisc
Gross Salary Sum(A to H)
CTC Sum(Ato I)
From India , Hyderabad

Percentage calculation fixed by the management earlier as per grade and hierarchical position based

HRA & other allowances (35%) Senior level (40%) Manager level (45%) General Manager vice president (50%) etc

Junior level Management Category

Basic pay 6000
HRA 35% (as per company & grade) 2100
Allowances 35% (as per company & grade) 2100
Conveyance = If its
Gross pay = 10200

Provident fund 12% = 720

Net Pay = 9480
whether it's clear or .........
let me know the ceiling amount for LTA and Medical Reimbursement
any one can clarify this one
From India , Madras
hi Basic = 40% of CTC HRA = 50% of baSIC MEDICAL = 1250 Convence allowance = 800 Special allowance ( Basic - HRA- Medical - convey & other) Pf = 12% of basic
From India , Gurgaon
Hi ! Salary Breakup varies from company to company along with different grade of companies. Company divedes salary break-up to provide indrect benefits to company.

For example :

S.No.ParticularsBreaks up1Basic55%2HRA28%3Transport Allowance800Fix4Medical Allowance1250 Fix5Dress / Uniform AllowanceAs per policy6Food CoupensAs per policy7Child Education AllowanceAs per policy8Books & PeriodicalsAs per policy9EntertainmentAs per policy10LTAAs per policy11Conveyance ReimbursementAs per policy12131415OthersAs per policyGross Salary</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>Employer Share for PF 12%ESIC Employer Share</SPAN></SPAN>4.75%</SPAN></SPAN>CTC</SPAN></SPAN>

Grades in Company :

Salary Structure of EmployeesGradeDress AllowanceBooks & PeriodicalsEntertainment AllowanceMeal CoupensLTAProfessional DevelopmentPetrol/Conveyance AllowanceTelephone/Mobile ReimbursementTotalDirectors 15,000 15,000 50,000 1,500 8,000 10,000 80,000 10,000 189,500 CEO 15,000 15,000 50,000 1,500 8,000 10,000 80,000 10,000 189,500 Sr.VP 5,000 5,000 30,000 1,500 5,000 6,000 50,000 3,000 105,500 VP 5,000 5,000 30,000 1,500 5,000 6,000 30,000 1,500 84,000 AVP 3,000 3,000 18,000 1,500 3,000 5,000 20,000 1,500 55,000 Sr.Manager 3,000 3,000 18,000 1,500 3,000 5,000 10,000 1,000 44,500 Manager 2,000 2,000 7,500 1,500 2,000 2,500 5,000 1,000 23,500 DM/Asst.Manager - - - 1,500 2,000 1,500 - 800 5,800 Sr.Executives & others - - - - - - - 700 700 Total 48,000 48,000 203,500 12,000 36,000 46,000 275,000 29,500 698,000 Points to be Noted :1These all reimbursement are at the sole discretion of employee.2All allowances are reimbursed against submission of bills except for Dress Allowance & Meal Vouchers.3LTA will reimbursed once in two years.4FBT @6.80% will be payable by employees.5Once if you opt for the same it will be applicable for that financial year.

You can contact me on 9930165288.

Pavan Mundra
From China ,
Respected Gurus,
I want to know about TDS & TCS Returns and all brief summary on TDS AND TCS
Deepak Shrivastava
Hotel Gwalior Regency
whats is this tell me discriptiv
From India , Bhopal
Basic is 40% of gross salary.
HRA is 40% of basic
Special Allowance on balance = gross - (basic + HRA)
Conveyence Allowance = 800
other allowances have different slabs
Provident Fund = 40% of basic
From India , Pune
If Gross salary : 12000 then salary break up is like this:

Earnings Deduction:

Basic salary : 3600(30% of gross) PF(12% of basic) : 432
HRA : 1440 ( 30% BASIC) Gratuity(4.81% of basic): 173.16
Conveyance : 800
Medical reim : 1250
Special allowance : 4305

From India , Mumbai
Mentioned below are the Salary Components:
1. Basic - 100% of the gross salary
2. HRA - 50% of basic in metro and 40% non metro
3. Conveyance - 800 fixed per mnth
4. Medical Allowance - 1250 fixed per mnth
5. LTA ((subject to company policy and entitlement) - 8.33% of Basic
6. Superannuation (Subject to company policy) - can be 3% - 6% of basic
7. PF (Subject to company policy) - 12 % of basic (employee contribution)
8. Flexi Basket--- its a fixed amount to can be for driver utilisation , petrol reimbursements, books & periodicals, home furnishing, business attire etc(this is non taxable)
Formula to calculate basic is 100+50+8.33+3+12=173.33
eg: salary 25000 pm, minus the fixed amount like conveyance and medical and flexi if ..so 25000-800-1250=22950
HRA = basic*50% ...
From India , Delhi
salary is depended up on management decision....... we can't say fixed percentage or amount...
in my company Salary Stricture is like this
Basic 50%
Da 5%
hra 20%
con 15%
Wa 10%
the above structure is for Managers and few employees only...
but, for some more workers and employees the structure is like this...
basic is Rs/- 5000, 4000, 2000, 2500, 3500 or any other figure..
not only basic DA, HRA, CON, Washing Allowance also like this only.....
the above two salary structure is there....
u've any idea why it's like that?...................
From India , Hyderabad
Basic :- 40% of CTC
HRA :- 50% of basic (For metros)
40% of basic (for non-metros)
Conveyance :- Rs.800/-p/m
Medical :- Rs.1250/-
Gratuity:-4.81% of basic
Statutary Bonus:- 8.33% of basic
ESI:-4.75% (Employers Contribution) (If salary is more than Rs.10,000/- one needn't have to pay ESI)
1.75% (Employees Contribution)
PF :- 12% of Basic
PLI (Performance Linked Incentive) :- 15-16% CTC
LTA (Leave Travel Allow) :- 2 months Basic (Telecom sector)
From India , Bhubaneswar
yaar i am very confused... what is the exact percentages of salary calculations and why it varies so much?
From India , Delhi
Dear Rashmi, The salary b’up is sole discretion of management. So, we post the normally b’up of salary used by the company’s. Thanx Dey
From India , Delhi
Dear friends,
This is Denis Dias Working in JSW Steel Ltd, Karnataka
I think its vary from company to comapny. Normally in our company salary component like
Performance reward
Production incentives these are the main components.
28-30% of total CTC (Basic )
Medical, LTA - 8.33% of Basic
Cony & HRA as per company policy
Production based on the target (Production)
From India , Bellary
Can you please let me know is there is any Act for calculating basic will be 40% of CTC and HRA 50% of CTC in metro city. Jayant
From India , Madras
There is a minimum wages act according to which the basic needs to be fixed as per the statutory requirements. Can someone help me with the minimum wages for a software engineer?
From India , Hyderabad
hi, why the basic should be 30% or 50 % why not 10%. Is there any minimum percentage limit for basic? sikha
From India , Calcutta
Hi Why there is a difference between the commands, I am really confused which one is correct?
From India , Madras
Dear Friends,

We can calculate the salary like........
Basic 40%-60% of annual CTC.
HRA 30% - 20% of ACTC
Convince Allowance 10% of ACTC
ESI 4.75% of basic salary.
Gratuity 4.81% of basic.
Medical Reimbursement 15000 PA Tax free.
PF 12% of basic salary.
Special Allowance Urges table.:lol:
From United States ,
Hi all, Is there any perticular Act where we can find the break up salary in percentage ??? Jayant
From India , Madras
Dear prudhvi, Basic Salary - No fixed % HRA - 40% on Basic Conveyance - 800 ESI - 4.75% PF - 12% on basic salary
From India , Hyderabad
There is no standard basic or hr formula in the industry (private and mnc's). Only few may have formulated salary structure. One may not find same salary structure or comparative structure in other organisation except the government. Whatever the basic, one has to respect the respective state's wage formula for deciding the basic wages and hra components for the lower cadre's. For higher cadres, after considering the taxation, one's salary structure is fixed.:blink::!:
From India , Mumbai
what are the main roles and responsibilities of HR Manager and HR executive in a Software Company? can any one let me know plzzzz?
From India , Hyderabad
Thanks Mr. Madhukar Sonavane
Recently I went for an interview, the interviewer asked me how to fixed the salary structure. As I don't have any proper reply, he told me basic will be 40% of gross salary. When I asked is there any act on it. He was silent.
From India , Madras
salary break up is like this
1 - Basic Salary 60% of Gross Salary
2 - Hra 25% of Gross Salary
3 - CA 15% of Gross Salary
> Gross salary is 1 to 3
4 - Provident fund 13.61% of Basic salary
5 - Esic 4.75% Gross Salary
6 - Welfair Fund 10/-
CTC is Gross salary 1 to 3 + Pf (4) + Esi (5) + WF (6)
Devendra Tomar
From India , Gurgaon
Dear Mr Devendra, Understood as you mentioned. But is there is any rule on this break up. If yes let me know the details. Jayant
From India , Madras
Basic is 40-45% of CTC
HRA is 20-35% of Basic (As per city )
Coveyance 9600 yearly
LTA Reimbursement (Basic/12)
MEdical Reimbursement (Basic / 12)
ESI 4.75% of Basic Salary (Employer Contribution)
PF 12% of basic
Gratuity 4.81% of basic salary
Ghanshyam Pandey
From India , Delhi
Dear ghanshyam pandey, I have a doubt, why is basic 40-45% of CTC Why is not 50 to 60 % , is there any rule on it. Please clarify. Jayant
From India , Madras
Hi All, BAsically , there is not provision for Any Salary structure in any where, this is totally based in company policy. Regards Pardeep Kumar Yadav
From India , New Delhi
Hi. Break-ups of the CTC Can Basic+DA cannot be break-up mini wages.If CTC > mini wages than u can break-up the CTC Basic 55% of CTC HRA 60% of Basic Conv 800 Special All Balance of CTC Thanks Rizvi
From India , Mumbai
My dear friends.
We can calculate the salary like this.
Basic 40% of gross salary.
HRA 50% in metro city & 40% apart
of metro city of basic salary.
Convince Allowance 9600 yearly tax free.
ESI 4.75% of basic salary.
Gratuity 4.81% of basic.
Medical Reimbursement 15000 PA Tax free.
PF 12% of basic salary
swetang pathak
Hi friends,
My self Swetang Pathak have completed my pg in MBA(HR) from pune university in 2005 with first class. I am having 3+ yrs of experience. Presently i am looking for the change.So, If you have any openings of HR Executives / Officer pls let me know. My contact no is 9979885553.My email id is . I am residing at Gujarat-VAPI.
From India , Vadodara
Salary break up normally is fixed at follows:
  • Basic is fixed @ 50% of CTC
  • HRA is fixed @ 40% of Basic
  • Travelling Allowance is fixed @ Rs.800/- per month to take the IT Benefit
  • Children Education allowance is fixed @ Rs.100 per month for IT Benefit
  • Medical Re-imbursments @ Rs.1,250/- per month for IT benefit provided company agrees to pay fringe benefit tax.
  • Balance goes to Speical allowance which is complete chargeable to tax.
This is the generally followed, but this varies depends on companies agreeing to give benefits to employees. if you want further information?
From India , Bangalore
Dear All, Some of our are quoting the % for various components of the CTC. Can i know the reference for the same. (For exmple ready reconer or management book etc.:confused:
From India , Mumbai
Dear friend, plz find hear with attached salary slab Regards, Ravi 9886295658:lol:
From India , Bangalore

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Hi! Every Body
Basic - 60%
hra - 20%
da - 20%
ca - 20%
spl.all , PF, LTA, SFA, MEDICAL - ... (as per company policy),
In the (month) gross salary 60% of Basic compulsory..
Some of Provident Fund Inspectors said like that
From India , Madras
suppose my salary is 5500 plz tell me abour the security guards pf, esi for example security guards salary is 5500
From India , New Delhi
From India , Bangalore
Dear All,
Basic - is Half of Gross
HRA - Metro 50 % Other 40%
Con - 800/= 9600 yearlly
LTA - One Basic / 12 ( if monthly)
Medical - 15000/- yearlly
Knowledge updation - ? don't know pl tell me:confused:
From India , Mumbai
Hi All,
As i was surfing through the eariler threads. The bottom line is that there is no fixed structure for salary. However, there are varoius act under which the wages have to be paid. One such act is Minimum wages Act, which is a state Act thus differes from state to state. Futher, scurity gaurd is treated as a special case in the said Act.
For other the main thing which drives the salary structure is that the benefits the company is ready to pay when an enployee leaves or retires.
Warm Regards,
Vikas Goel

From India , Mumbai

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