HI Gurus, I would like to know how salary breakups would be & like to know how they are divided with what percentages. Expecting a response you Regards Prudhvi

15th October 2008 From India , Hyderabad

I think based on the Basic salary remaining things will be fixed as per their percentage limits.
16th October 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Salary Break up are like this:
1. Basic Salary: 50% of gross salary
2. HRA - 25%of Basic
3. Conveyance Allowance-Rs. 800
4. Others - Adjustment Figure
5. Gross Salary (Sum of 1-4)
6. PF - 12% of Basic
CTC - (5+6)*12
16th October 2008 From India , New Delhi
Basic is 42% of CTC, HRA is 35% of Basic, Coveyance 9600 yearly PF 12% of basic LTA and other reimbursements:smile:
16th October 2008 From India , Mumbai
it is
a)basic salary -according to your placement in the company or govt job
b) dearness allowances -per increase in commodity price three mthly vairies
c) city compensnates allowance,hill and fields area allowance
d) HRA or HRR as per city
e) qualification allownce
f)kit maintainence or party mess band allowance
g) % of your extra effort to increase th company reputation in money term or promotion which varies with company
h) transport allowances for 400-800 km\mthly for four wheeler
subtracting income tax and provident fund or other saving admitted by you with the company
it is your salary in your hand
16th October 2008 From India , Ludhiana
salary break up is like this
Basic Salary 45% of Gross Salary
Hra 25% of Gross Salary
CA 15% of Gross Salary
Other perks 15% of Gross Salary
Gross salary is 1 to 4
Provident fund 12% of Basic salary
CTC is 1to 4 +12% of Provident fund amount
17th October 2008 From India , Delhi
hi.....for e.g. say ur salary is 7500 thanBasic: 2500HRA: 18%Medical Allowance: 750Conveyance: 800Special Allowance :will be gross salary less (HRA, M.A., Conve)PF: 12%ESI :will be 1/4th of it.
17th October 2008 From India , Pune
Hi Everyone, Please direct me on how to treat bonus lying unclaimed with me since last two years. It is getting accumulated year by year. Sandeep
18th October 2008 From India , Pune
if gross is Rs 12000its based on slab ex RS 7500 i
Salary Break up like this
gross slab sal*55%= basic 4125
gross salb slab sal*20=HRA1500
gross slab sal*15%= conv1125
gross slab sal*10%=med750
cca 2250
edu all 2250
18th October 2008 From India , Bangalore
My dear friends.
We can calculate the salary like this.
Basic 30%-40% of gross salary.
HRA 50% in metro city & 40% apart
of metro city of basic salary.
Convince Allowance 9600 yearly tax free.
ESI 4.75% of basic salary.
Gratuity 4.81% of basic.
Medical Reimbursement 15000 PA Tax free.
PF 12% of basic salary.
Special Allowance Urges table.
Naveen Verma
18th October 2008 From India , Delhi

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