Dear Friends
I have a doubt?
We are paying the payments to workers through Bank A/c
in one month the production incentive not paid in wages due to less production. due to that the workmen refused to take pay slip?
but they received their wages through bank also
If worker not receive play slip is any chance for I R Issue?
Pls. clarify

From India , Guntur
Dear Kalijanni

As an employer you have to ensure that workers has to get the wages as per the terms and conditons of appointment letter or as per the memorandum of agreement signed in between management and union.

if production incentive is indirect benefit in addition to normal wages which linked to production and it varies according to quantity and quality of production. if workers have not attained the production target and due to that if they have not received the produciton incentive then there will not be an IR issue but as a HR man you have to make them understand and counsel them if necessary.

If workers are not taking pay slip then keep it pending and counsel them and make them understand the reason why they have not received the incentive and how it has adverse effect on the production due to less production.

But if production incentive is part of the wages and if they are receiving the wages less than minimum wages then it becomes employer duty to ensure that workers should get at least minimum wages as per the minimum wages act 1948.

From India , Mumbai
Hi... your suggetions on Salary slip not receivng is actualy correct and good suggetion. Lingaraju.N
From India , New Delhi

If production incentive is part of your settlement u/s 18(1) or 12(3) of the Industrial Disputes Act and as per norms if they fail to achieve the targetted production for the purpose of incentive, they are not entitled for incentive. If the workers refused to accept pay slip, pl put up a notice that the workmen have refused to accept the pay slip when delivered on such, but have received their wages through bank. They may be advised to collect the wage slip by ... date.

Pl send the copy to the Local Inspector, Asstt Labour Commissioner, Conciliation officer and Labour commissioner/Labour Secretary; Also forward a copy to the Registered Union for their information. Reg IR issue it can be there, but you can write to Labour Department about apprehension of labour unrest on account of the violation of terms and conditions of settlement. Once the conciliation proceedings commences, the workmen can't go on strike/go slow/sit in strike etc, but the management will also not declare locka out/lay off during the period of conciliation proceedings.

ak malhotra

From India , Guwahati
Dear Sir, Is It Compulsory To Provide Pay Slip For Employees. If Yes, What Are The Statutory Obligations Relating To This? Looking For Your Guidence. Regards, Praveen
From India , Bangalore
Dear kalijanni,

Your basic question remains unanswered : Whether it is compulsory to provide Wage-slip to workers - The answer is YES (In accordance with Standing orders).

The other question - to take a receipt from workers is concerned, it is not necessary especially when you are paying them through bank account, However, wage-slip is necessary to make it clear to the workers about the correctness of their wages. For a detailed insight, pl. read the following :


Every workman working in the Industrial Establishment shall be given a Wage slip. Every workman shall be allowed to retain the wage slip issued to him.

o In case where the wages are distributed in the morning, wage slips shall be distributed to workman not later than the middle of the night of the day previous to the day fixed for distribution of wages and where wages are distributed in the afternoon, not later than the forenoon of the day on which the wages are distributed. Provided that in case of other than permanent workman, the wage slip may be distributed to such workman before the time of payment.
o Any objection as to the correctness of the amount payable to a workman shall be inquired into at once so that there may be no delay in payment.
o If for any reason, it is not possible to conclude the inquiry before the time fixed for payment, the objection shall be registered and the amount shown on the wage slip paid to the workman at the fixed for payment and, if found correct, any difference in the amount payable to the workman shall be paid within six days of the date of his objection.

Provided that where an objection has been registered and the custom exists of taking a receipt
from the workman, such final receipt for payment shall not be taken until such time till the
objection has been inquired into and disposed off.



From India , Delhi
Dear Friends, Really a great discussion, Pls share with us such experiance, grievance / issues, so that we can get to know how to handle the certain grievance. Regards Pratima
From India , Bangalore
Dear friens,
I work for one of the retial companies, here i hardly i have any manpower but still they ask for performance as m hr.
but the say i cant recruit anyone till i get requirement from Operations.
the store keeps performing bad due to less frontline staff.
and there is no requirement coming from Ops.
how do i handle this?

From India , Calcutta
Seniors, Here indeed is a good discussion about Salary Slip. Please confirm whether Salary Slip needs the seal & signature of the authorised person of the employer?.
From India , Pune
Dear All,
I would say that the signature on the pay slip is not much essential but it is required to put note as : This payslip is generated electronically hence need no signature. Anyhow, the company logo & address is a must on pay slip.

From India , Hyderabad

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