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Hi,in the present management scenario only the fittest can survivewhat are all the skills we should develop or skills looked updon to decide the fittest person?Please advise
24th August 2008 From India , Madras
My Dear Friend, The way to survive is work hard and be smart to grab an opportunity that comes your way. Regards, Surya
29th August 2008 From India , Bangalore
As a member of management, the most important skill beyond the obvious technical ones is how to manage people. You can easily be a standout if you learn and practice the right skills because most managers use the most ineffective approach to managing people, that of top-down command and control.
To learn about the right and wrong ways to manage people, please read the article Leadership, Good or Bad <link updated to site home>
Best regards, Ben
Author "Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed"
29th August 2008 From United States , Tampa
HI! frnd.wht i realised on this topic is that if u want to survive in this corporate world first u let all ur emotions on side.In space for emotions even v serve pepole,provide them help,support them,facilitate services rather fittest can survive n who is fit ,who take decisions by mind not by heart,not affected by circumstances.Take right decesions,business minded.If agree with this statement than give me a reply.:blink:
29th August 2008 From India , New Delhi
I’ll go with Supriya. We shouldnt give room for emotions,sentiment. The decision should be unbiased one and should be faourable on both mgt and employee side:)
30th August 2008 From India , Madras
well my frnd i beg to disagree wid u. emotions r nt like our clothes which v can take off whenever v wish.they r deeply ingrained in us.moreover they are contagious.wherever v go people get affected by our emotions.the best way out then is nt suppression of emotions bt effective management...........frst v need to b aware of our emotions then only v can direct our emotions in right direction......daniel goleman has done right job thru emotional must go thru it........
30th August 2008 From India , Patna
Man-Management & Communication skills are a pre-requiste to ensure survival. Now , if you wanna be fittest of them all , then you would need to evolve your other skills as well. such as Analytical, Business Acumen, Focus & Learning skills, time-management skills etc...The list could go on , but if you start with these in a disciplined fashion , your role in the organization would automatically ingrain in you the skills required.
31st August 2008 From India , Bhopal
to earn money we have to work hard but mostly we have to work smart not hard..... so just grab any opportunity comes ur way..... n how to identify which opportuinty.... then search for it.....
31st August 2008 From India , Mumbai
Why they hire you !
Simple....." They don't hire you for the sake of it,they hire you so that you can make Profit(fullfilling your KRA's) to them.
You want to be the fittest : When you give them more than the Profit expected from you !
Here the meaning of Profit is :
For HR - Recruit the best who gives best ROI to the company.
For Sales - Sales on Traget or one who earns max incentives by Sales.
For Marketing - Getting the best Market Share
For Operations - ZERO error in work
For HOD - Manganing the above as one unit.
For CEO - Making all above understand the Vision and mission of company and give new business models and best turnover.
The Survival of fittest is different for different unit and work. :)
1st September 2008 From India , Mumbai
Dear my opinion, survival of the fittest is there in every sphere of human life. It's a fight to survive or to be successful in this world in the midst of all adversities. Problem solving capability and quick & right decision making capacity are very essential for surviving in the Management field (not only in mgt, all fields). Like 'Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions', we search for solutions, whenever we are in trouble or face problems. As every problem has a solution in itself, we always find out a way to survive or overcome the problem. Is it not the way we survive?

For that, understand yourself, I mean, your weaknesses, strengths, have all emotions (without emotions, you will merely a log), admit your mistakes, have your own opinions (of course no imitations).....stand on earth (be humble)......don't fly in the air (no headweight).....stay with your your a good friend (a friend in need is a friend indeed)...acquire all human Socretes said, spend half an hour a day for thinking and planning your future course....definitely you will be successful.
1st September 2008 From Qatar ,
for the survival of the Fittest u must update urself with the latest concepts and happenings
what is new in industry you must have knowledge about that..............
by this you can servive in an industry
1st September 2008 From India , Jaipur
hi folks,
it's a matter of playing the given role as per the customer requirments,
but there will be uncertainity for always , so far no one can think all matters as survival fittest- second it's survival policy will not good enough for the humanity,
if it's there no gandhian will not be killed, earlier it's understood, such policy anywhere will not workable.
1st September 2008 From India , Madurai
People management, crisis management and xenocentrism. These are the 3 most critical issues. You will not only survive but excel.
3rd September 2008 From India , Pune
I totally agree with ramantiwari.
I keep hearing this great talk "detached attachment" at work.
Can somebody please give me an idea of this detached attachment???????
All of us human beings and human beings have emotions..........
6th September 2008 From India , Mumbai
Here, the members those who have subscribed to this particular thread are somewhere or the other true and realistic. But why we intelligent people make things so complicated, why do we forget our basics, like every action has equal and opposite reaction...i.e. if I don't behave properly with my employees or colleagues there response will be obviously not good.
The most important thing to be discussed here and keep that in mind always is
1) Be yourself
2) Live each and every moment of ur life (Accepting all Ups & Downs.....U may laugh latter in your life on urself)
3) Learn from ur failures & always accept them
4) And face each and every situation fearfully.........u don't have to fear to anyone in this world..........for all this Belive in yourself
Keep this simple funda in ur life & enjoyeeee!
10th September 2008 From India , Mumbai
In response to SPriya's post: I beleive, she has gone through tougher situations at work. But, as long as we are in an Organization, we need to deal effectively with 4Ms: Man, Machine, Material & Money. However, the most valuable of these resources being Men (Human Resource), managing them is a specialized art. We need to understand their Emotions so as to handle them "with care". Organizational Behaviour is a vast area; please go through the books on these topics by "Stephen Robbibs or Fred Luthans". Also a few others by our own Shiv Khera, & Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie etc have changed personalities (my personal experience!). Never try to get liked by all, depict a Personality that would be naturally liked by all!
11th September 2008 From India , Bangalore
To survive you must have the following skills.
1. Math.
2. Safety.
3. Courtesy.
4. Honesty.
5. Grammar.
6. Reliability.
7. Flexibility.
8. Team skills.
9. Eye contact.
10. Cooperation.
11. Adaptability.
12. Follow rules.
13. Self-directed.
14 Good attitude.
15. Writing skills.
16. Driver's license.
17. Dependability.
18. Advanced math.
19. Self-supervising.
20. Good references.
21. Being drug free.
22. Good attendance.
23. Personal energy.
24. Work experience.
25. Ability to measure.
26. Personal integrity.
27. Good work history.
28. Positive work ethic.
29. Interpersonal skills.
30. Motivational skills.
31. Valuing education.
32. Personal chemistry.
33. Willingness to learn.
34. Common sense.
35. Critical thinking skills.
36. Knowledge of fractions.
37. Reporting to work on time.
38. Use of rulers and calculators.
39. Good personal appearance.
40. Wanting to do a good job.
41. Basic spelling and grammar.
42. Reading and comprehension.
43. Ability to follow regulations.
44. Willingness to be accountable.
45. Ability to fill out a job application.
46. Ability to make production quotas.
47. Basic manufacturing skills training.
48. Awareness of how business works.
49. Staying on the job until it is finished.
50. Ability to read and follow instructions.
51. Willingness to work second and third shifts.
52. Caring about seeing the company succeed.
53. Understanding what the world is all about.
54. Ability to listen and document what you have heard.
55. Commitment to continued training and learning.
56. Willingness to take instruction and responsibility.
57. Ability to relate to coworkers in a close environment.
58. Not expecting to become a supervisor in the first six months.
59. Willingness to be a good worker and go beyond the traditional eight-hour day.
60. Communication skills with public, fellow employees, supervisors, and customers.
61. Political sensitivity.
62.Business and commercial awareness.
63.Strategic awareness.
64. Understanding funding streams and mechanisms.
65.Information management.
66. Organization and control.
67.Team building.
68. Communication and persuasion.
69.Networking and public relations.
70.Leading change.
71.Positive work ethic.
72. Good attitude.
73.Desire to learn and be trained.

Or improve your technical knowledge administrative human resource and leadership skills.
12th September 2008 From United Arab Emirates , Dubai
Today's ever-changing Corporate World has shaped itself in such a environment that the professionals living in it have to become multi-taskers.
Friends, some of you have really quoted good skills to survive in this corporate world like Communication, EQ, People skills, etc. I also think that this skills are required to survive but what I feel is that if you are presentable i.e. you have a good command over your and a good body language then your 90% task is done as you will not fall back on your attitude front.
21st September 2008 From India , Delhi
After spending 5 yrs in recruitment, i believe in corporate world you need to handle smartly the things with little work in right direction. One needs to be clear what ur managment expects from u....both management and in individual expectations should match upto a certain limit...I think if both learn that...that can be "Survival of the fittest".
30th September 2008 From United States , Oakland
This is an absolute MANTRA for now days to climb up the success ladder of corporate. We being talking about to be fittest one needs to handle thing smartly and etc..A fit one will always handle things smartly.

But question is how to do this? What are the essentials to do it? What are the secrets? What is wrong and what is right? Actually the answer to all above questions is that there is no answer.

So far what I have observed that itís not only hard skills on the job which makes a successful career itís actually a smart combination of soft skills too. Now when we say soft skills it can be smart time management, infectious enthusiasm, graceful attitude, strong language hold, nice corporate finesse, powerful dressing, and etc. these all skills can be tested right from one client lunch too board room meetings. People with these all attributes with sound knowledge of their work can only survive in corporate or they will make others stay comfortable whom they want to stay...after all itís a cut throat competition out there..:lol:

16th November 2008 From India ,
Dear Chandramoulee, You can read my blog named Durga Chatterjee on topic"How to be Good Subordinates" in blog section total entries. I think that should help you? Regards, Durga Chatterjee
17th November 2008 From India , Mumbai
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