Hi all, please send me sample offer letter to employe of sotware company..
24th August 2008 From Germany , Brunswick

Mr. xyz,
New Delhi

Sub: - Appointment as Programmer

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to appoint you as (Designation) in our organization. Your performance will be evaluated after ...... and ..... months and after .... months and if found well you will be confirmed as the permanent employee.

We request you to read the terms and conditions attached with this letter and return one copy of this letter signed by you as a token of your acceptance.

Date of joining on or before d/m/y

Initial Timings:

You can be called in any Shift morning / Night

Happy Joining

Thanking You

For Company Name


ANNEXURE A : COMPENSATION DETAILS (Salary & applicable benefits)

Name : Mr. / Miss
Designation : Programmer
Date of joining : 0-0-2008
Location : Delhi

a) Remuneration

Basic Salary : Rs. /- per month
House Rent Allowance : Rs. /- per month
Special Allowance : Rs. ------------
Conveyance Allowance : Rs. /- per month
Medical reimbursement Limit : Rs. ------------
Total : Rs. /-

b) Leave

You will be entitled to ...... Paid leave.

It is expected that individual compensation package would not be shared with other employees.
The above compensation structure is subject to change without affecting emoluments adversely.
Applicable tax would be borne by the employee.

27th August 2008 From India , New Delhi
name & address

Dear XXX
We are pleased to appoint you in the position of (designation) in company name.

Your place of work will normally be in place but if the exigencies in company’s work so require, you may be posted in any part of the world where there is Company’s Operations.
Enclosed are your terms and conditions of service and we shall be grateful if you will confirm that these are acceptable to you by signing and returning the original documents.
Please also let us have the attached, Non- Compete Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and the application for employment form duly completed along with 4 passport size photographs.

This offer is subject to your medical fitness, verification of your educational certificates, credit checks and satisfactory references.

We look forward to your joining the company, and are sure that you will find this to be a significant career move.

Yours sincerely,

For yyy

(Authorized Signatory)


Salary and Perquisites The Gross salary at the current level of employment will be
INR zzzz Annually.

This salary will be payable monthly on 2ND of the month. The allowances and perquisites payable are listed in Annexure ‘A’, but may be subject to change from time to time by the Company.
You may be entitled to bonus dependent on your performance and in line with the prevailing bonus scheme.

Leave You will be entitled to 15 working days leave per annum. A core leave of a minimum of 10 consecutive working days is to be taken annually. Employees should take at least 8 working days leave per year. Leave of more than 5 working days will not be carried forward.

Terminal Benefits For the purpose of determining your terminal benefits your length of service with the Company will commence from the date on which you join the Company.

Service Agreement This offer is subject to you accepting the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (attached along with) and abiding by all clauses lay therein.

Place of work your place of work will normally be in CHENNAI, but if the exigencies in companies work so require, you may be posted in any part of the world where there is Company’s Operations. In the course of your work, you may be required to travel throughout India or abroad. In such case, you will be eligible for all lodging and travel expense reimbursements at actual and daily allowances as per the rules of the company prevalent at the time of travel.
Non-Solicitation Without the prior written consent of the company, you shall not for a period of 1 Year after the cessation of your employment with the company (howsoever that comes about) directly or indirectly and whether on your own behalf or in conjunction with or on behalf of any other person which is wholly or partly in competition with any business carried on by the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies;

(i)Solicit, induce, entice away from the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies or employ, engage or appoint or in any way cause to be employed, engaged or appointed, any person employed or engaged by the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies, or

(ii)Canvass, solicit or approach or cause to be canvassed, solicited or approached any client or customer of the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies about whom you have gained knowledge as a result of your employment with the Company during the course of your employment with the company for the sale or supply of products or services which are materially similar to or competitive with any products or services sold or supplied by the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies where you have gained knowledge as a result of your employment with the Company of such products or services being so sold or supplied.

Each of the restrictions is intended to be separate and severable: if any restriction is held to be unreasonably wide but would be valid if part of the wording were deleted, such restriction will apply with so much of the wording deleted as may be necessary to make it valid.

Outside Employment During your employment you shall devote the whole of your time, attention and ability to the business and affairs of the Company and shall use your best endeavors to promote the Company's interests. You shall not without the previous written consent of the Company be concerned or interested directly or indirectly in any way in any business other than that of the Company or accept remuneration for any other employment or service whatsoever, except that you may hold shares or securities in any company which is quoted on a recognized stock exchange or dealt in publicly.

Secrecy You shall not either during the continuance of your employment except in the proper course of duty or with the express written consent of the company divulge or make use of any secrets or of any correspondence, accounts, I information, connections or dealings whatsoever of the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies or of any customer or correspondent of any of them or of any knowledge gained in relation thereto during the term of employment and shall not alter, obliterate, spoil, destroy, waste, embezzle, spend or without the express written consent of the company take away from the custody of the company any of the books, papers, writings, accounts, money or other property of the company, its subsidiaries or associated Companies or of any customer or correspondent of any of them.

Notice of Termination In the event either the Company or the employee wishes to terminate the employment, one month notice in writing from either side will be required. However, in cases in or on account of the Company desiring to do so, it may, at its sole and absolute discretion do so by paying the employee Three month salary in lieu of notice. Conversely the Company may, at its sole and absolute discretion waive the notice period of one month if it considers circumstances so warrant.

Sick leave may be granted at the discretion of the Company but if the employee is absent from work due to ill health for a period or periods totaling at least 8 weeks in any consecutive period of twelve calendar months. The Company reserves the right to terminate his/ her employment without any notice. If an employee commits any breach of the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures or his conduct is detrimental to the interests of the Company his/her services will be terminated without any notice or payment in lieu thereof.

Acceptance Your signature on this document will serve to signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

Joining With Effect from ________________________________________________

Signature ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________

Date ________________________________________________

Witness 1: ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________

Date _________________________________________________

Witness 2: _________________________________________________

Name _________________________________________________

Date _________________________________________________

29th August 2008 From India , Madras
Please let me know your requirement. Appointment letters are based on requirement for the purpose. Like. contractual, permenent, and binding them for few years after recruitment specially for IT comapnies etc.. mail your need. I will send the details.
31st August 2008 From India , Guwahati
there is two types offer letters job offer letter, offer appointment letter. once he accepts our offer letter will give him offer appointment letter with all the details i.e salary, benefits, terms and conditions, work place, reporting authority etc.
At the time of selection of candidature, we can give a single page offer letter mentioning that his selection of position, place, CTC etc and asking accept the same.
More details please feel free to give email on
1st September 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Can anybody send me the recruitment process flow chart, as i am new in recruitment.... Please help:wacko:
2nd September 2008 From India , Pune
I am working as an hr , want to be in performance appraisal and training and development , but i dont know much abt a) training calender b) training schedules preparation Please help me out
14th September 2008 From China , Beijing
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