Dear Team,
This time i came here with another key handy stuff -"PUBLIC SPEAKING-The way to make your audience sit and listen". I'm glad to share this ppt with you all... So find the attachment and then last, just throw your quote if you have....
:cool: Chezhiyan.SPA.
19th February 2009 From India , Madras

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt public-speaking.ppt (1,021.0 KB, 5703 views)

Dear all,
I dont know exact problem, but i can view in my system after download from thread. anyway extremely sorry for making inconvenience to all... I have attached the ppt again. Pl find and tell me again...
20th February 2009 From India , Madras

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt Public Speech.ppt (942.0 KB, 1705 views)

Hi Chezhiyan,
Just to inform you that the first and the 2nd sets of ppt slides on Public Speech have no text. I am interested to learn from it. Can you please send me a copy direct to my email address: .
Thank you very much and best regards.
Abe de la Calzada
20th February 2009 From Philippines , Philippine
I could not open the *.ppt?? Why this is happening? Or is it one of the way to develop rapport and outcome fear of public speaking? just kidding?sorry. Pl try to send it again.
TVR Baba.
In-charge Costing Dept
20th February 2009 From India , Visakhapatnam
Dear guys,
Again I'm position to ask sorry to make as frustrated both you and myself too. I don't know the exact problem either in your system/version/ppt or in website. bcoz few guys could download and view the ppt , but most of them couldnt view the all slides. Once again hopefully, I have attached ppt for your persual, pl find it.
But if you couldnt view the show once again, pl dont forget to mention your mail id. I ll send it to you ASAP...
Really i m accountable to you all for giving such a support hands to my all threads/posts. Only your quotes are pushing me ahead to come out with new topic/ppt and suggest me about next good topic too.
Hopefully, Chezhiyan.SPA

21st February 2009 From India , Madras

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt Art of Public Speech.ppt (881.5 KB, 516 views)

Are boss the ppt is totally blank. Can you attach the same again.:confused: Are boss, the ppt is totally blank. Kindly attach the same again:confused:
21st February 2009 From India , Pune
Dear Sir,
May I request you to send the PPT to my ID . As when I opened it, its completely blank.
Awaiting for your response.
21st February 2009 From India , Pune
Good morning
its sounds very intresting,, but unfortunatly i was not able to open the attachemnt,, i know you have big assignment to forward copy for everybody,,
but can you please please send my copy .. thank you and appreciated.

22nd February 2009 From United Arab Emirates , Abu Dhabi
Hi Chejiyan,I am facing the similar problem.Both your presentations on Public Speaking and Public Speech each contain 38 Blank slides.Please can you send the same to me on e-mail at .
22nd February 2009 From India , Mumbai
Hey dude, Ur presentation is really impressive but i would like to make a small recommendation,hope u wouldnt mind if am wrong. I can see couple of points being repeated and the presentation is pretty long,hope u make it a little more short and precise.Gud luck
23rd February 2009 From India , Mumbai
Dear friends...........till chezhiyan make his presentation short and upload enjoy this one....may be helpful to somebody
23rd February 2009 From Thailand , Nonthaburi

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt Speech.ppt (349.5 KB, 242 views)

I think it has got problem with this blog particularly. While downloading this file also it gives error.
23rd February 2009 From Bangladesh ,
Are u talking about blank presentation and say that people will be attracted by being blank.All the slides are empty and i take it as a joke. :icon4:ab
23rd February 2009 From India , Madras
Hi Chezhiyan,
I am very regret to say that ppt is blank. If possible for u, plz mail me on or let me know the way so I can get the presentation.
thanx and regards
rajesh sharma
23rd February 2009 From India , New Delhi
Dear All, Just trying to help Chezhiyan on this. Dear Chezhiyan hope you don’t mind. PFA the PPT. Let me know if the problem persists still. Thanks Naveen Baliga
24th February 2009 From India , Bangalore

Attached Files
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File Type: pps Public Speech.pps (942.0 KB, 186 views)

Hi Chezhiyan, Thanks for your highlights and unfortunately, the ppt. cannot be opened. This also represents other’s same message too. Kindly do the needful. Regards S Shenbagaraman
24th February 2009 From India , Madras
It has been seen in the ppt that some of the slides are in the regional language. Kindly provide the same with englich language, if possible. Please sand the same at and oblige.
With regards
25th February 2009 From India , Calcutta
Unfortunately the power point didn’t load. just blank screens to be worked upon. However..........."Stand up to be seen. speak up to be heard, sit down to be appreciated!":)
26th February 2009 From Australia ,
Hi Chezhiyan.
Finally, I got hold of the copy of your ppt presentation on Public speaking through my email. Very informative and impressive presentation. Thank you very much for doing an extra mile.
Best regards.
Abe S. de la Calzada
26th February 2009 From Philippines , Philippine
I tried thrice but only a blank slide. I culdn’t understand ur motive to show this ppt.:):confused:
26th February 2009 From India , Delhi
your both PPT files are found you can see size in thread also....its size is only few kb.while any complete PPT file will always has size in MB...So plz chk after uploading & send it again for us.....
26th February 2009 From India , Pune
Fantastic Job Buddy!!!!
You are a true champ, Since the time i took this internet connection, i was looking out for such stuff,
Thanks a Lot and if you can send your previous presentations on different topics,it would be beneficial to me,
Thanks once again and continue the good job,:lol:
My email address is:
Shiv Kumar Agarwal
27th February 2009 From India , Hyderabad
Dear all,
Already, I have sent a copy to their mentioned email id -more than 50 friends. I ll send to remain friends who couldnt get their copy yet. Pl once again mention your email id...
Thanks for your feedback. I will correct my mistakes in my next ppt. suggest me few good topic for my next assignment....

27th February 2009 From India , Madras
hey ur presentation is amazing...veryyyy nice and apt...btw which language has been used at times in between mainly in titles? once again veryyyyyyy nice!!
27th February 2009 From India , Lucknow
Hi This is ShenazCould you please let me know the advanced key words of Excel for HR Mis please let me know the formulas also
27th February 2009 From India , Bangalore
Hi chezhiyan
sorry 2 say that inspite of ur effort the PPT is getting blank as soon as opened. If u could change the format or something & mail me same 2 will be great because I Want 2 read it as it an interesting topic.
27th February 2009 From India , Calcutta
Dear All,
Hi i am new to this forum . I like this platform, it is very inter active, however still there is lot of scope that we can make it more interactive in many ways.
I am working in Pvt Co. in Accounts cum Finance Dept as a Manager, I am manageing team of 4-5 people.
I found manageing diff people is a ropewalk task as it is globally accepted as a challenge. I always put people FIRST before work as i am firmly believe in following
Hire Right and talented People set them free they will amaze you with their ideas.
I request you all people to give your opinioun on
Do you put PEOPLE OR WORK First with the reason for the same.
Vijay Kulkarni

28th February 2009 From India , Mumbai
dear all
we have been baying for Chezhiyan's blood for too long, most of the mails have been due to the fact that people have not gone deep in to the pages and have send him the mail as soon as they see the first page and the first error
for all to know please go to page 2 for ppt presentation by him and page 6 for pps presentation posted by some one, let us now close this thread unless something different is on the sleeves
and Chezhiyan buddy keep it up, your error have made u very popular and your efforts have endeared u to all of us, we now wait for your next subject very eagerly
amit lunia
1st March 2009 From India , Jaipur
:wacko: :wacko:excellent work sir i m lovish dhiman a chemical engg. student preparing for cat exam , these courses like public speaking help us a lot thank u sir........
1st March 2009 From India , New Delhi
The ppt is ok if it is presented in a classroom with college students. It is a little to distracting with the colors and images, the content is ok can be improved by decreasing the list of "does" & "do not", maybe you should focus more on introducing experiences and situations while you integrate all of the does and don'ts in. A Public Speech course delivery should be concentrated on activities more than the list of ten commandments, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, good job, it is most appreciated to share your skill with the rest of us. good luck with further improvement
2nd March 2009 From United Arab Emirates , Abu Dhabi
Plz suggest the reason of my problem! While I'm about to download some ppt file from CITEOPS.COM through DAP, the file doen't come in shape of ppt extention, rather that comes as unresolved file, which doesn't open.
How should I dwnld?
Or, is it a problem of CITEMAN?
2nd March 2009 From India , Guwahati
Dear Chezian,
I got your ppt on my mail but it is supported by some other software. I have MS Office ant ppt is visibly encrypted .Could you please convert it in MS PPT format and mail me.
I am looking forward for your cooperation.
Kanchan Kishore
3rd March 2009 From India , Bhopal
I am still not able to view the slides . All the slides are blank once again. Request you to re-forward the attachment to my email ID :
4th March 2009 From India , Pune
Hi, The ppt on public speking was awesome!Can you share a similar kind of presentation on business communication as well? Bidisha
6th March 2009 From India , Chandigarh
:smile:Absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much, it’s just what I needed for my student. I’m an English teacher in Brazil, a "wanna be" coach! Very cool:cool:
7th March 2009 From Brazil , Belo Horizonte
Hi Chezhiyan, I wanted to go thru ur ppt on public Speech. would appreciate if you can send me the same on my e-mail id since I was unable to view the above attached PPT like others. Thx a tonn :smile:
8th March 2009 From India , Jamshedpur
Great job Chezhiyan.SPA....! :icon4:The public is wiser than the wisest critic.Once you get people laughing, they’re listening and you can tell them almost anything.
10th March 2009 From India , Pune
I tried opening both of them but all the slides are blank.I hope I am not asking for too much but would really appreciate if you could post it on my email
10th March 2009 From India , Delhi
There is no problem with the file On behalf of Mr.Chezhiyan.SPA, I am mailing it as attachment to all who have problem with downloading.
12th March 2009 From United States , Belmont
Chezhiyan, Your presentation was really good. However i felt it was quite lengthy. Regards Shanas
12th March 2009 From India , Madras
Chezhian, Really it is good contribution.Public speaking is an essential life skill for career growth and development of organization. D.Anandaraj
18th March 2009 From India , Madras
Sorry dear, its still empty not even a single wordd If possible check it and post it again... Afridi
18th March 2009 From Pakistan , Islamabad
Hi All the slides are very beautiful.Simply blank.Probably we should learn to be totally blank during public speaking and people will be very happy.message taken.Thanks. ab
19th March 2009 From India , Madras
Hi ChezhiyanThat is a nice bit or work you put up, Chezhiyan. Quite a bit of research seems to have gone in to picking up the quotes, the story leads and the salient points. I had no problems viewing the whole ppt.Part of my work is to speak to different audiences - students, faculty, businessmen, families, children and employees. So, I read your ppt with great interest. As ppts go, I found that much of what you say is relevant. But you have some lines in either Tamil or Malayalam (I don't know which). It would have been nicer if there was a translation with those sentences.I also felt that you had so much to say, that your presentation runs the risk of becoming a lecture in itself. Maybe you should look at reducing the number of points per slide and change the sequence - headlines must pop-up before the text, some graphics overlaps the text, among other things. If you had less colour, it would help the viewer concentrate on your content. Some of your sentences have a ring of finality to them - indicating that they are indisputable, which may not be th ecase sometimes!I am offering this unasked for opinion because the content is good but it would be a pity if it is compromised because of presentation. So the next time you make a presentation, you could perhaps look into these observations and get a qualitatively better presentation across to your audiences.Thanks for your forbearance.Gopal Bengeri
20th March 2009 From India , Bangalore
Pl. Sir Don't send ur Public Speech again as now I have undurstood that man can learn more by silent, not visible.
Thanks and Regards for ur beautiful creation which is amanging.
Subahsh Sharma
Magr. P & A

20th March 2009 From India , Delhi
I faced same problem. Nothing in the slides in both presentations. How can we get actual presentation? Seeed
26th March 2009 From Bangladesh ,
I don’t know why I am receiving mails on these presentations with empyt slides (no content). Could you please send these with content in those presentation. Appreciate your cooperation. Saeed
18th May 2009 From Bangladesh ,
I was able to open it without any problems !!! Chezhiyan, this is the most comprehensive ppt put together, ever, on the art of Public Speaking, well done my friend !!! This is awsome !
20th May 2009 From India , Gurgaon
Dear friends,
I have patiently gone thru all these postings. Only desparate msgs. I couldn't open the ppt. Will any one who has opened this ppt or Mr. Cheziyan pl. send it to me?
21st May 2009 From India , Kochi
Hi chezhiyan,
Thanks for this wonderful ppt. It is very helpful as I am preparing for management training.
Thanks & regards,
Hi Chezhiyan,
I first downloaded and then opened it on my system so I could view the slides without any problem.Please ask all the members to do the same.
2nd June 2009 From India , Mumbai

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