Hi, Can anyone guide me about the leave structure in any organisation. What are the types of leave granted and how many? How do these leave work? Regards, Geeta
6th February 2009 From India , Bangalore
Hi Geet,
There are variety of leaves, but mainly companies will follow the following leave only:

Important Leave under the A/c. of.......

1. PL ( Privilege Leave ) - This is being accounted on the presence of the employee.
2.5 days for every month of working of the employee generally getting sanctioned. If the employee is on leave more than 7 days in any month accordingly it would calculated. At the end of the year the balance PL in any employee's account, could be carried away for the ensuing year. For this also there is a norm which is fixed by the company, that at any point of time an employee cannot accumulate for some fixed days leave in his account and it could be encashed as per the rules of the company. For example : If an employee is having more than 100 days PL at his account, and if the company rules tells that no employee can kekep their lelavle more than 90 days and this employee encash the 10 days. PL always applied well in advance and you cannot telephone and ask for PL.

2. CL ( Causual Leave) As you know, it is fixed one and Company may fix it about 10 to 12 days as per the company norms. This is nothing but emergency leave and you may inform on that also. But most of the companies will not sanction more than 2 days leave. If you want more than 2 days leave you may go for PL.

3. Medical leave. This is also goes with company rule.

4. ML : (Maternity Leave): As you know this is belonged to Women area. It should be given 90 days on any kind of company. This lelave could be taken by any women permanent employee at the attainment of delivery time. Some company may give still one or two more months as per the employee's health. Recently there was Central Govt. rule recommending all the companies to sanction 6 months ML. Some of the companies are considering whereas most of the company give 3 to 4 months normally.
If the concerned emplolyee is still in need of lelave she may go for loss of pay for 2 to 6 months keeping her employement in the company's rule.

5. Patternity Leave: Maximum 6 days and this could be taken at a stretch by any male employee at the time of deliver of his wife. Some company gives this and some company may not give also. This goes as per the Company's rule.

6. Leave with our Pay: On any condition, any employee can opt this leave showing the valuable reason viz., due to the health condition of self or any family member. Company will have to decide on this.

The above are the important kind of leave are being carried out by any kind of company.

For any further information you may send me a mail to ID: since I rarely open this site according to my time availability. GOT IT !!! If you are happy I am happy madam !:-):lol::smile::wink:
12th February 2009 From India , New Delhi
Hi the leaves were very well explained but i wanted to know that according to the labour laws, what is the total number of leaves a company can avail to its employees. Regards Aarti
12th February 2009 From India , New Delhi
Dear Aarti,
as Per karnataka rules All lthe workers are entitled to minimum one leave day after working 20 days, if they have worked for a period of 240 days or more in a factory during a calendar year. it is applicable daily wages, piece rate workers and contractor workers.
On all national holidays all the workers are entitled to holiday no establishment is permitted to work on national holidays.
An leave register/leave book should be maintained for all the worker and should be available at all the time in the factory.
and for staff as your management decision you cane give every month one leave as (CL). that means for year 12 leaves.
99860 48174
13th February 2009 From India , Bangalore
thanks subbu
but my query was that is there any rule which says that there should be in total 24 leaves, including PL,SL,CL.is the number for the leaves fixed or they can vary company to company.
Aarti Khanna
13th February 2009 From India , New Delhi
Hi Arti,

Here is the answer for your clarifications:

According to Shop & Establishment Act ( and also Factory Act) Some of the Leave are statutory: You can very well refer to the concerned State Shops and Establishment for any further detail:

· CL is statutory one : Apart from the National Holidays, any organisation either factory or any Co., or any Shop will have to give 7 minimum Casual Leave. If any company gives more than this no problem. But whatever you declare for the year starting from 1st to Jan 31st, you are suppose to send out a list of Holidays to the local Inspector of Factories in the month of December in the previous

· PL is also statutory one: As Lavanya expressed, once any employee completes 240 working days in a calendar year he is eligible for this PL from the next year. For every 20 working days the employee will get credit one day PL. Some company will calculate as 1 and half day per month straight and some companies may calculate strictly only the employees’ working days only. Any company / factory giving more than this it is most welcome. But minimum you should maintain. For example in my Company all (permanent) employee are getting the credit of 2 and half day per month straight away irrespective of their presence. If the employee is not coming more than 10 days in a particular he may get only one and half day. This is the way we calculate the leav
  • ML: (Maternity Leave) This is also one among the Statutory leave. At any point of time, for any women employee who got married genuinely will get this leave of 90 days under her pregnancy at the time of delivery. But this is restricted two deliveries only. Some company may give more than 90 days also but it goes with the company discretion.
  • SL – Sick Leave : If the employee covered under ESI Corporation, this could be eligible. You may refer ESI Act for this. ESI is a statutory one for those who getting their salary below 10K. Some of the companies are sanctioning Medical Leave as per the personal Policy of the Company. But not statutory one.
For further clarification you may mail me to the ID:

! ! ! regards - Venky - ( from Bangalore )

14th February 2009 From India , New Delhi
HI Arti
you might get your answer as smarty explained above.
Actully few leavs are mandatory according to labour laws but few are at employers end...So no dout it may change company to company.
14th February 2009 From India , Jabalpur
In any organisation, every twenty days of working, one day leave they will be earning. For ex: 300 days worked in a year (Jan-Dec)
300/20 = 15 days earned leave he/she will be getting and 3 casual leaves
casual leaves should be utilised in the next calender year, if not it will be lapsed automatically. Whereas earned leave can be carried forward or which can be encashable as per the organisation standing orders or the Management and union understanding,.
15th February 2009 From India , Anantapur
Hi Geeta,
I believe you got your answers from the experts of this industry.
I just want to add few lines in this discussion, hope it will help you out.

Types of Leave:
  • Casual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Earned/Privilege Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Extra Ordinary Leave
In this list all 5 are Paid leave & No.4 & No.5 are Statutory Leave.

Casual Leave: As per shops & establishments act, 12 days leave per yr has to be given to an employee as a part of welfare measure.
Jan 26, Aug 15 and Oct 2 are statutory Holidays for any Industry. But for steel, chemical and production industry are given exemption that if they do not able to give holiday on those days, they can be given on other days.
An employee should not apply for leave both on Saturday and Monday, either of the days can be applied. Otherwise Sunday is also considered as CL.

Except maternity leave all the other leaves are taken from the calendar year.

Absconding: Not intimating to the dept about the leave.
Extra Ordinary Leave: If the employee is really in a problem, then they can apply for EOL when all other leaves have been exhausted.
Company Name
Name…………Emp code, Dept
Please grant me leave CL/SL/PL/ML/EOL from…to….
Reason for leave…………….
Signature of Emp Dept Head HR Dept
For HR Dept Use
Remaining Leaves

Earned / Privilege Leave: These leaves are given based on the number of days worked.
For every 20 days of the month – 1 day is statutory
For other 10 days – ½ day or 1 day depends on the company.
Employee should take approval 15 days in advance.
If the leave is approved, Sundays and holidays are also considered.
3 yrs leave can be carried forward.
(Basic + DA/26)*No. of leaves remained will be paid at the time of Retirement if an employee do not use these leaves.
Maternity Leave: To Married women employee these leaves are given and are compulsory if the pregnancy is confirmed.
3 weeks after conceiving.
6 to 9 weeks after delivery.
Total salary should be paid for these leaves.
In case of miscarriage/abortion 3 weeks leave should be given.
50% of the salary can be claimed from ESI.
  • We cannot suspend / dismiss / terminate when an employee is on leave.

I hope this much information help you.

Plz pass on your valuable response on this information.

Best of Luck

Manish Modi

15th February 2009 From India , Delhi
Dear all,
This is Prashant From OHSUNG Ele. I. P. Ltd. working as Asst HR. Ranjangain, Pune.
As in this region ESI is not applicable and i have no knowledge about ESI. can anybody guide me in detail about ESI.
Waiting for your valuable guidence.
My E-Mail ID - &
T & R
16th February 2009 From India , Mumbai
Hi Geeta,
I think you are satisfied and that time u have no quaries.
Leave policy is depend on govt. rules and depend on company rules.
CL,PL,OL,ML leave gives by the employer for the exp. if a new company than the owner will give only stataritory leave but if it will be growing stage than after that he will be adopt other employee welfare scheme or cover all leave policy which are under factory act and company act.
Amrish Singh
16th February 2009 From India , Bhopal
Dear Prashant,
For E S I Act & Rules details, plz go through ESI Act,1948 & the Rules made thereunder. This is a central Act & is readily available every where.
Sr. Associate
Skylark Associates, Gurgaon
16th February 2009 From India , Delhi
Dear Venky/arti,
It is good to know from Mr venky about the leave policy . But I have a quaries? apart from the PL/CL/SL/EOL. Is there any policy for the Festival holiday? Is there any policy for the Compensory Leave Policy against the overtime working or working on a weekly off days?
So far my knowledge is concern every company shold have a list of festival holiday out of which employee has to choose any five or as declared by the co.
Is there any other policy on festival holiday plz let me knowat
:lol: teku
17th February 2009 From India , Mumbai
Dear Prashanth,

If the organisation is covered under ESI - all the employees whose gross salary/wages is less than or equal to Rs.10,000/- are under the coverage of ESI as per A.P. Rules. An employee who has worked minimum of 78 days or more in half year (i.e., April to Sep. & Oct. to March) he is eligible for ESI leave with benefit.

In case, the employee has no working days also eligible for ESI leave under medical grounds but benefits will not be paid by ESI, that means the part of wages.

In any month, an employee opts for ESI leave - it will be granted for 3 days that means while issuing the sick certificate they will mention clearly the date on which sick certificate is issued and by what date he will be resuming duties. For Ex: cert. issued on 18.02.09 and the employee can resume to attend his/her duties on 21.02.09. In this case, ESI Branch Office will pay the benefit for one day only, the remaining two days will not be paid. If the employee opts for consecutive sick certificates then the employee eligible for benefit for the total days availed ESI leaves less 2 days.

I hope, this clarifies you. If any clarification require, pl do not hesitate to contact.


18th February 2009 From India , Anantapur
I am tahir , as for as my information is concern i would like to add that in our orgnanization according to the HR department policies and proceedures, the employee is entitled to avail the 28 leaves through out the year.
1 (10)Annual leave 2. (08)Casual leave 3. (10)Medical leave
The female employee are also entitled to maternaty leaves with are 90 days.
Tahir Hussain Shah
20th February 2009 From Pakistan , Islamabad
what happens when an employee has accumulated earned leave (EL) of say 90 days over a period of time being carried forward. Can he suddenly decide to avail all 90 days in one go? Will that not upset the work planning in a company?
22nd February 2009 From India , Jaipur
Thanks to all for the help extended for the valuable inputs of leave structure. I have few more queries further which are listed below:
1. I would like to create a HR Library in my organisation can anyone guide what would be the books that would be essential to be maintained in the organisation which i could refer and implement for the betterment of my organisation.
2. Can anyone share what are the goals set by HR individuals in their respective organisation for the coming year.
3. What are the HR Policies that a Service Industry should maintain.
4. Perforamnce appriasal policy/ 360 degree apprisal policy.
I would look forward for you valuable comments.
Geeta Patil
Can any one forward me profiles for Inside sales (Product sales). Prefrebaly female, fresh graduate with good communication skills.
24th March 2009 From India , Bangalore
Hi Cagey.....
Accumulated PL to the extent of 90 days could not be granted for any type of employee until and unless any emergency and serious case.. It could be taken at one point i.e., before his retirement either partially or fully ( if his Boss /company is willing
because when you take leave you will draw full salary for a month. Whereas if it is encashment for 30 days the company may save some amount because you would be paid only basic+DA towards leave encashment. However, it goes with your company decesion. Except this, no company will allow you take your PL 90 days at one go.....
Got it.... thanks - Venky - Bangalore -
25th March 2009 From India , New Delhi
In any organisation, every twenty days of working, one day leave they will be earning. For ex: 300 days worked in a year (Jan-Dec)
300/20 = 15 days earned leave he/she will be getting and 3 casual leaves
casual leaves should be utilised in the next calender year, if not it will be lapsed automatically. Whereas earned leave can be carried forward or which can be encashable as per the organisation standing orders or the Management and union understanding,.
maild id:prasad715@rediff.com
28th March 2010 From India , Anantapur
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