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this is seepika, i have working with an automobile company since one year and my job profile was hr generalist. due to my personal problems i had to leave that job and now its been two months and i m out of job. i m not getting hard core HR jobs, just getting jobs in consultancy only for recruitment profile. its demotivating me every time , if could help me out in increasing my confidence i'll b highly thankful to you and pls let me know what i have to improve in me.
Seep Rastogi

From India , Delhi

i will suggest try to breakdown the big goals into smaller achievable tasks with shorter time lines throught the 1-2 yr.
Try, try & try untill & unless u get desired profile.
I have gone through the same.
good luck

From India , Mumbai
Dear Seep Rastogi
Your Goal is "getting hard core HR jobs" well ! , please let me know your qualification and what are the steps you have taken till now, I will suggest you that you should make action plan againest the Goal and review it properly and take help from seniors and you will get desired result positively . If you do not know How you can make the same please send your profile to me at .
From India , New Delhi
1) Pl. take whatever job comes your way and do not be picky at this point in time. Being idle adds to depression, loss of motivation and confidence.
2) While being a recruitment consultant, offer to help your clients with other HR services free and thus get to gain experience in other HR processes.
3) When the economy improves, you will be ready to move on to wider roles.
Good luck!
From India , Hyderabad
Hi Seepika,
Well now your problem is that you are out of job for two months and trying to find a core HR job but you have got opportunities in consultancy only for recruitment profile. Come on seepika……. U don’t need to be disappointed, it’s only been two months, but in my case I left my former job 31st of October 2007 and now it’s 2009…. I’m still trying to find a job.
I can understand how u feels at the moment and I’m sure you want to get in to a big organization and want to do a big job. The biggest problem we are facing at the moment is this financial crisis and you know lot of people lost their jobs and struggling to find opportunities (including you and me).
U are very lucky, ‘coz at least you’ve got opportunities. My advice is don’t waste those wonderful opportunities. Don’t wait till u finds a big job, take any job comes in your way……..It’s easy for me to say but I do understand your situation.
Don’t get me wrong Seepika, I’m not telling you to spoil your dream……..what I’m trying to tell you is not to waste opportunities……every opportunity is a chance for you to learn something new.
So be very strong……it was not only you I also tried to hide from my friends, relations and from the whole world, ‘coz of this same problem. But that’s not the solution for this problem. Life is like that, we have to face both ups and downs……..
So don’t let this problem to spoil your dream, your targets…….One day you’ll find the right place and the right opportunity. Have faith in you…..Now this very minute start to hunt a job. I’m sure very soon you’ll find your new job and I’ll pray for you.
TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO……………… (pls don’t forget this)
Take Care and Bye for now

From Sri Lanka , Colombo
Dear Seepika,
Positive feelings will help you NOW to gain access with job portals.
Please keep sending your resume in all job portals and spend daily one hour in evening to find any mails reg. any VACANCY.Keep your inbox only for thids purpose and easy fact finder too.
Visit your friends or college seniors or professors reg. your job aspirations to help you in this seach.
You will definitely get a job, as HR jobs are more wanted these days, any designation, do accept and improve your style of erformance for next senior level at later stages.
All the best.
S Shenbagaraman

From India , Madras
I know it is very confusing when u r out of work.
Pls. be focussed on your goals & work towards achieving them. It happens only step by step.
Any work in the related line is better than no work at all. After all nothing stops you from looking for a job when you are employed.
Staying idle is the bigest dampner & a distractive one.
Wish u all the best.
Sajiv Mathew
From India , Madras
Hai seepika,
I thinnk ur lucky coz u are having opertunity to be placed in even consultancy firms for recruitment process.in the global recession period try to be part of any firms after some months u can try for a nother job. Most of the people working in the consultancies keeping this things in their mind.I know this coz I am also a part of a recruitment co.so think good
Best Wishes
From India , New Delhi
If you are intrested in Service Industry based in Mumbai as HR Executive send your cv to .:-)
If you are interested in Service Industry based in Mumbai as HR Executive send your cv to .:-)
From India , Pune
Think BIG!

You want an HR generalist job. (You could get it anywhere, slowly & later though).
You dont want to do a recruitments jobs in a Recruitments Consultancy. (I know it gets routine and boring when you do a good exciting job for others)

Now look at this : (this is coming from an MBA Marketing, turned into a "Business Generalist")

1. Look at the brighter side :

2. Motivate others :
THAT WILL DEFINITELY MOTIVATE YOU (If you read books on motivation then you will realise that all motivators were motivating themselves FIRST and then later became successful motivators, orators, authors, and so on). SO START TRAINING OTHERS, BUT LEARN FIRST

3. Look at the larger picture:

4. How much and How long a job will suffice your future needs. Need of money, need to freedom, need to learn, need to grow, need to train, need to lead, need to charity. :

I might be a little harsh in putting these points here (thats why used CAPS LOCK), but this is what we find missing in people. When we want them to think bing, they come with a closed mind.

Your company fires/leaves you with a closed parachute (thats your mind) in a bag behind you. Once you jump outside, imagine what would happen if you dont open the parachute (mind).

Mind IT!

For a brief I am into recruitments, training and outsourcing, and recently ventured into immigrations. Started 5 years back. Nothing more to boast visit www.careersearch.org
From India , Ahmadabad
Let me tell you, i am also a HR generalist and was working with an finance company with a pakage of 4.25/annum. I left the Job on November and i went crazy looking around for new jobs, i had the same things in my mind that you are having right now. Before 2 days i got an opportunity to work with a small IT company and i accepted it. Even though it is paying me half of what i was earning, i never want to sit around doing nothing and let the negative vibes cover me around. While working i am improving my networking with other companies which can be of a great help in next financial year, its just a matter of time, APRIL, the budget will pass and HURRAHHHHHHHH we will be back on tracks.. the best suggestion , IMPROVE YOUR NETWORKING.......in this lone time... it will provide great help.
Good Luck......
From India , Mumbai
Dear Seepika,
It is very well understood, but let us also understand the ground reality. Due to current recession most of the companies had freezed their recruitments. hence it is better to take the consultancy job and do some courses to develop your skill now and when the time changes, look for better opportunity.
Always have it in mind that Ideal mind is devils workshop.
Good luck!!!
From India , Madras
hi seepika::)
first of all u should not leave the job, because hard time only come for the test, so v should learn from such type of circumstances. anyhow be postive and make ur mind responsible becoze in this scanrio companies are downsizing and it is hard to find job speacily HR field.
here is attached slides u must see.
waqas mehboob
HR officer

From Pakistan , Lahore

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Hi Seepika,
I think these days consultancy job is much better than hard core HR job...
As per my experience, fortunately you had left hard core HR job and entered consultancy sector which has huge scope..
U need not to feel depress and concentrate on ur present job and work hard...U will definately succeed in this sector..
ALL D BEST............
Harpreet Sukhija
From United States , Wausau
Dear All , Is there any clear instruction in labour laws regarding salary revision due to economic crises without prior notice. Please let me know its very urgent. Prerna Assistant Manager HR
From India , New Delhi
Hi All, I have some years of HR experience and would like to start a consultancy. How do I go about starting one? What materials do I need?
From Sweden , Malmö
Dear Seepika,
Agree 100% with Srinin and Careersearch - to help you forward ............. always remember GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES ALL COME TO AN END and the most powerful words ever THIS WILL ALSO PASS........ in this context a beautiful poem written by an American poet Theodore Tilten (1835-1907). It is a beautiful philosophical work. Since ages, great Indian thinkers had talked about the transient nature of this world....... it reminds us that neither good time nor bad ones will ever last forever .......

Once in Persia reigned a king,
Who upon a signet ring
Carved a maxim strange and wise,
When held before his eyes,
Gave him counsel at a glance,
Fit for every change and chance:
Solemn words, and these were they:
Trains, of camel through the sand
Brought him gems from Samarcand;
Fleets of galleys over the seas
Brought him pearls to rival these,
But he counted little gain,
Treasures of the mine or main;
'What is wealth?' the king would say
'Mid the pleasures of his court
At the zenith of their sport,
When the palms of all his guests
Burned with clapping at his jests,
Seated midst the figs and wine,
Said the king: 'Ah, friends of mine,'
Pleasure comes but not to stay,
Woman, fairest ever seen
Was the bride he crowned as queen,
Pillowed on the marriage-bed
Whispering to his soul, he said
"Though no monarch ever pressed
Fairer bosom to his breast,
Mortal flesh is only clay!
Fighting on the furious field,
Once a javelin pierced his shield,
Soldiers with a loud lament
Bore him bleeding to his tent.
Groaning from his tortured side,
'Pain is hard to bear," he cried,
But with patience, day by day,
Towering in a public square
Forty cubits in the air,
Rose his statue, carved in stone
And the king disguised, unknown,
Gazed upon his sculptured name,
And he pondered, "What is fame?'
Fame is but a slow decay!
Struck with palsy, sore and old,
Waiting at the gates of gold,
Said he with his dying breath
'Life is done, but what is Death?"
Then as answer to the king
Fell a sunbeam on his ring;
Showing by a heavenly ray,

From India , Mumbai
Dear Seepika,
I understand your condition and the mental frame you are carrying now.
Having said that, I still feel this is not the end of road for you. It is true that the recession is prevalent across. This is the fact and lets sink it. If you are not getting hardcore HR jobs now, this doesn't mean you are incapable nor does it mean you are not going to get the desired jobs for ever.
This is a tough time for you and you are going to learn a lot from this, whether you realise it now or later. Believe me you will come out more matured.
Lastly, I'd say accept the present. This will help you in taking the right decision. You will not require others to motivate you.
Keep trying . Act wisely and cheer up, it will not last forever.

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) plz tell me through which mode u trying to get d jobs??????????????????????????????????????????????
From India , Delhi
Well, i will not ask about your quali,your edu,or neither i will tell you to relax.
All i can tell you,is that God takes care when u are happy or when your are sad, he wants to see how my soul reacts to a situation who no body likes. just want to add you is that have faith in your self, since the global slow down is at its best, getting a job into the same profile would be a challanging task!!!, keep finding the best alternative to it.if you ask me start your own freelancer business.coz,since this time would give you a time to start one and have a good set up and if you are the only bread earner in the family, then u need to act fast as the dependent are waiting for your beautiful smile.last not the least;Belive in your self and that ALMIGHTY.
Bhavesh Ghai.
From India , Mumbai
Dear Seepika, Please get into the Marketing function. There are far more jobs available and better growth prospects.
From India , Varanasi
Hi Seepika, The self motivation tells you everything..... very good pps from waqas... keep sharing dear friend. regards, satishkumar
From India , Mumbai
Dear friends,
We are looking for a deserving candidate willing to work with an automobile dealership of commerciAL vehicals. In spare parts , Sales & service division. any one intrested pleaase contact email.
From India , Raigarh
Dear All,
I am 65 yrs old Physician and have been doing general practice for last 40 yrs.I got qualified as an Industial Physician and for last 19 yrs I have been working as an Industrial Physician in I nternational reputed Company.
I wish to work as a G.M. (Medical) in a group of company at any location.
Can anybody help me in this matter.
Dr. Harish Zawar
From India , Mumbai
Hello Seep,
this is unfortunate, but trust me, i get to see a wrong curve in the job market.
my suggetsions :
please do not go for scrap, but please hang on anything good. i mean a standard job, to keep the steady inflow of money, cos it hurts, if you have a money crunch.
go with the flow, but select the best.
happy choosing !!!!

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