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dear all,

please someone help me. i have just completed my mba in june 2008 and i have also done LLb. presently i am working in a consultancy that offers me 4000 rs. i am a hard worker. i have applied in so many companies but nobody response me why i couldn't understand it. please someone give me a chance to learn and work then i'll show my talent. i am confuse how to make a career in hr. just tell me. i had joined this consultancy to learn but here my responsibility is just search out resume from job portals and make a call to candidate and make and send synopsis to my head.

I am ArpanTrivedi. I have got many responses for my last mail. thanks to all who response me. I have patience, talent. I have a problem. I have studied in hindi medium and not a good college where i can develop new talent. But i am continously trying to develop new skill to make me valuable and important for any organization. My problem is i don't have good english communication skill. I read english newspaper, learn meaning phrasal verbs, idioms, listen news. I know gradually i will be able to develop this skill but right know i am standing at that place where I need a good job to start a career. I belong to very lower class family i can't take money with my parents on the contrary i have to send money to my family for survival. I have a;ready told i have patience. I am fighting the situation with courage but i want advise to all of you. I don't fear the bad situations. I am a Bharatiya(Indian) and speak hindi well so where is the problem if i am not able to speak english fluently. I am not The English. why we see our mother tongue in a shameless manner. Learn more languages. But love and respect our country and its monther tongue.

give suggestions and if want to join me please give your mail id with suggestion i have to reshape, rebuild our country also.
From India , New Delhi
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Hi,Arpanpls dont care for all this small things i m also facing this problems but i have decided that we have to do heard work no body can stop us by doing this only fluent speakers cant go ahead in thier life we also.I m also doing my MBA in HR and i m in 3rd sem I got a job in recruitment cosultency I am also from Urdu medium pls read motivational books it will help you lot in your life I m sure u will do well in your life. All the best I am suggesting u some names pls try to raed this books again and again this is my exprience i am sharing with u it will help u lot in your life.
you can win (Shive khera)The monk who sold his ferrari (Robin sharma) Power of subconcious mind ( Dr Murphy)
From India , Mumbai
Hi Arpan,
First of all you should keep on doing the things which you are doing right now.As reading newspapers, Watching English News etc.As you know 'Practice makes a man perfect'.The most important thing that you should never hesitate while speaking,Try to increase your vocabulary as much as you can.Of course reading motivational books will improve your confidence.
From India , Mumbai
Hi Arpan, I just consider that you already have a good place to show off yourself, but you just haven't dug your potential out from inside. People always complain their jobs with this and that while they don't get any reward after paying effort but never think about their own problems,what we must do to make big profit is too take the best advantage of your power to make the whole job most efficient, think what your boss thinks, don't make your opinion just as an employee. To tell the truth, MBA is good but nothing, make yourself experenced and forget what you have learned from the book. Show your heart and enthusiasm to your customer, keep thinking of creative ideas.
From China , Guangzhou
Hi Arpan, You are still youngh. You can't expect a miracle at overnight. The carrier is the one you will have to built step by step. Education is a foundation stone and on that basis you will have to built a building that is your carrier. You just finished your education in 2008 and you wanted a good salary. Without any experience no one will pay you. But this is not the end. Ofcourse it is a starting for you. You are having your age in front of you. You work hard wherever you work. And mainly pl. be having always satisfaction of your mind about your havings. Pl. do not compare anybody's life with you. Work hard hard and hard along with sincereity and this only will take you to high of your life. First you have to gain your experience in your line and work in the same plalce and gain your experience and try somewhere afterwards and you will get your reward. OK ! I pray GOD for you to have good life.
- thanks - ramani -
From India , New Delhi
Inthe first place,lets accept that English is important:because there is so much diversity in the workplace that the common language has become English.
Second-as someone so rightly pointed out-we all have different opportunities and capabilities
What you mentioned as "just" finding resumes etc is big business-very very big business.If you can patiently work at it and smartly and cleverly-learn how to get a good resume and evaluate it-you have a great job in your hand-to join a bigger firm or to go out and be your own entrepreneur.
I just posted in the spoken English thread some ideas to learn English.
From India , Bangalore
If you are good at studies and arec LLb you can join LPO provided you have good english.Minimum pay 18-20k.
From India , New Delhi
Agree to shobha that english becomes a common language but it does'nt mean that people are not having any respect for their mother tounge and one more thing, as you said that u r working with consultancy,let me tell you that in 2007 i was worked with a consultancy for 6 months and was getting 5000 Rs that's the place where i got first opportunity to learn & start my career and right now i am working with corporate HR team of Domino's Pizza and handling statutory part, here i mean to say that believe in urself and have faith in god and do your best without expectation.It is not a success story but it is all about positivity that we have in ourselves so opportunity is there but u need to do hard & honest work.

Ofcourse you are talented and well qualified but my friend theory & practicals both are little bit different. So be eager to say that give me an opportunity i will show you my talent despite you should become more polite and patiencefull,coz this shows that a man puffed up with pride or may be overconfident or frustated so its opportunity for you to learn so many things just you need to develop 4th dimension to see the world.

The only curse of HR profession that you can not cry on others shoulder but you have to allow your people to cry on ur shoulder.so be positive we can not cry but we have to become strong that's why u r facing these problems.

I think you have an opportunity to understand that 100000's of mba's & post graduates are struggling and everyone lacks in certain skill, it means you are not alone and dont think that world stands against you, but all those problems wants to make you mature & more strong so that you can deeply understand the responsibility and grab the opportunity when it comes to you.

Don't find problem in opportunities but try to find opportunities in problem......

Raj Shekhar
From India , Delhi
Don’t find problem in opportunities but try to find opportunities in problem...... I do agree... Regards Deepak
From India , Calcutta
Dear Arpan,

Your name signifies your way.

Firstly never say institutaions are not good. They have made us, shaped us. Its our response to design it and grow further.

You need some patience to understand the things, read books, listen to debates, live programmes in tv channels only in english..

I have seen many mistakes in your writing, which are minuite, you are very near to say i know english to write..&.. read.

which is good sign..

Job.. it is secondary, first is our self,, shape up your self, and start ...

you focus your work properly, learn and learn, satisfy your superiors, give new ideas, look out for giving your best and then you need to be fit to your position. then only it justifies....

many are on roads without jobs.. u r lucky that you have some thing...

all the best... hardwork which give results may take you to walk on stairs... Learn from mistakes...

Me too BA, LL.B & MBA... Iam happy,,, i worked for Rs.900 per month in 2001 to 2002 now its totally different.

Take care
Ashwani K Kesarkar
Assistant Manager - HR

From India , Secunderabad
This is a comman problem faced by many of us in the initial stage of our entry into HR Job. so need not worry for this and degrade your self.
if keepon trying to communicate in english with your friends and colleagues, vl definetly make u conversant to speak in english and good command over it..
all the best for ur bright future
From India , Madras
Dear Arpan,
I have seen your letter it is really moving.I am very glad to inform that you are very good in writing.You have used good phrases and ably set forth the problems you are facing,so,I dont feel that your communication is below the mark.You have to try a little bit in spoken english.So,you can contact me at .
wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year,
snmwch :smile:
From India , Hyderabad
You say you graduated in June 2008, and you expect a change
(from the company you are working with)
in 6 months or a miracle I should say in your career, my dear
friend dont feel bad but if I were a recruiter I wouldn't recruit
you either because I would have trained you and then you would
have gone out after 6 months just for a better job! and what then
me as a recruiter searching another person to train, wont I have
you work for what I spent be patient, what you deserve is what
you get and for the love for the language
I am an Indian not to mention a PROUD INDIAN but does that mean
the world should accept Hindi as the business language. English
is spoken atleast understood in most parts of the world rather
then running away (hiding behind Hindi) from it accept it, if you
learn it you wouldn't disgrace our language.:)

From India , Pune
IM Gagan Chaurasia working in a Cusultancy But I have a solution for u only that Solution will Work i.e.PSU's Entrance Exam for Executive Trainee HR right now you apply to Power Grid Corporation for 6 Vacancy in HR in Fresher and more over Kindly Check Employment News Regularly Only That will be Help full to You and nothing else
Gagan Chaurasia
From India , Calcutta
My dear youngman,
Please do not defend your weaknesses.have u gone through your above draft? count the no.of mistakes in your draft.. just because you are from a lower class, no one will hire you. if you speak hindi and do not want to learn english become a teacher or a poet or a writer in hindior a politician.
Remember you will be hired for what you have in your personality.and you can get jobs matching that only.
your weaknesses are pulling down your qualifications.remove them and grow up.rest will follow automatically.
From India , New Delhi
Hi Guys..

I also think like others you guys are already doing great and should change the approach towards it. I thought let me sum up things for you regarding your english communication.

1. First of all english is a language for communication, don\'t worry much about how fluent your or how many quality words you use.. Just remember one think i\'e in your communication must reflect that your a critical thinker, persistent and more importantly rehearse in your mind how you want to start your speech on a problem and how you gonna finish it. ( when you rehearse make sure you do it in English not in mother tongue.

2. Emphasizing again its the idea sells not the english.

3. If you are looking for a job change and need a response to begin with... first select a domain or category of industries you will target and look for all the keywords used in the job ads in that industries, then see how you and when you have worked or learnt about those things in your work, education, volunteer work means helping your friends or family members in preparing their work. In overall look for transferable or equivalent skills which you have possessed to say that you have worked on it and try to address all the selection criteria/ key words. In addition to this seek Short courses or training to show that you are keen and know it.

3.even though you get a new job remember you may end up in similar situation un till unless you constantly upgrade yourself not only in knowledge also in your approach, behavior, body language etc.. remember don\'t go over board, put a show for the money your a paid.

4. This one is for you Aparana, I know its easy to emotionally get hurt i am trying to reflect on what your saying Firstly you please don\'t put different weightage for english or hindi not even in your mind,try to balance your speed and fluency of communicating in both languages try to maintain that you are not hesitant to put a critical thought in any language. lastly don\'t try to be expressive in any language in answering a question or conversation be short and sweet, as i believe you will pick up things if you keep your hard work.
From Australia, Perth
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