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i want to speak english fluency but i can’t because i understand listerning words but i can’t why? what will do? pls tell me some opinion
13th December 2008 From India , Madras
For speaking good or correct english read newspapers ex- TOI, hear slow english songs & news (only go for DD news for good eng.), try to think in english. These are small tips to improve your spoken english.
13th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
if u want to be fluant in English speking than what ever you are reading read it loudly voice shuld b came out, it will really help you.if you read it in front of mirror than it better.
Even i was facing same problem in past but this practic help me a loat.
14th December 2008 From India , Delhi
To improve your spoken english, watch loads of english movies especially with more conversation. Watch atleast one movie per day, Watch everything either tv or video or news in english. Read loads of books, newspaper. When you are reading at home, read loudly in such a way that you can hear it. Automatically your tone of voice, pronounciation improves and also understand how each sentence is framed and the meaning of the sentence. You should continue this for sometime to get your brain in english mode. Never translate your sayings from your mother tongue to english. If you translate each time, then you will end up in big trouble. To bring your brain in english mode, you should do the above things without losing enthusiasm. Moreover, try to speak in english with your friends. Avoid fear that you make errors. Everyone makes error at the first time. This way you can learn. Happy Englishing.
15th December 2008 From India , Madras
Hi-I was in a similar situation as yours when i started my career.I would recommend the following:
a)Listen to BBC News - TV or Radio
b)Subscribe to free portals like They will send you a free word with origin, pronounciation and applications.
c) Read plenty of magazines- preferably mags like India Today,Outlook and business magazines.
d) Get a mentor at office who can speak good English-Inform him that you need his help and that he should correct you whenever he sees you making a mistake.
e) Speak in English to as many people as possible. This will give you enough practise. Do not worry if sometimes people poke fun at you. Just ignore them.
Hope this helps
15th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
visit this link Learn English fast: English language pronunciation & conversation tutorials- EyeSpeak this may help you.
15th December 2008 From Australia ,
Hello suganyaasri,
Just thought to share this: Since you are in India, you can browse various courses offered. I recommend you Asian Academy of Distance Education located at Andheri Mumbai. Check out their website:
They have some free material for each of their methodology available for download. Go through it and then register for a course.
All the Best.
15th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
My suggestion regarding spoken english would be
1. While reading the news papers ,magazines etc.,Note down some words which you find are new to you,
2.Write down the meaning beside it by refering the dictionary.
3.Study the situation /context where the word is used.
4.Try to put those words while you speak.
Juz.... Try:-)All the best!!!!
15th December 2008 From India , Bangalore

Dear suganyaasri,
If you want to learn English, learn from British
Visit this site
BBC Learning English | Home page
16th December 2008 From Kuwait ,
Dear Sugnyaasri and whomever else is in need of improving your spoken English.
1 - Read American or British Novels (these are written in a conversational manner while periodicals are written in formal English)
2 - Use free online sources like: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary (good native speaker hints and words here)
3 - Many American Radio stations stream live online, these are a great source for listening to native speakers. (Free Radio Stations, Free Internet Radio, Online Music, Live Web Radio - Music Genres)
4 - Never be shy about speaking English and try not to speak in Hindlish :icon4:
Good Luck!
(American working in Delhi)
16th December 2008 From India , New Delhi
Hi.... if u want to speak fluency you have to read more and more English newspapers and watch english news which will help really a lot.
16th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Dear Sugnyaasri,
speaking English is nt as difficult as it seems...wt all u need 2 do is trust urself.
Try to express ur views in english wherevr u get a chance.
Read gud novels, english news channels like BBc n make a habbit of learning few words everyday,jot down dose words in a diary.
try 2 use them while speaking...
ALL DA very BEST:)
16th December 2008 From India , Jaipur
Start loud reading from books....and try to pause at the correct intervals where there is comma. semi colon and full stop etc. If a question is there ask read it as if it is a question... If you practice this at least for a month you will see tghe result yourself.
16th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
If you really want to learn good spoken english, do the following religiously.
1. Increase your vocabulary (stock of words). To do this read a lot of English news papers, magazines, books etc.
2. Listen to English news channels like BBC, CNN etc. and carefully watch how they pronounce different words e.g. if you notice they stick there tongue out while saying word starting with “TH” like Thank You, etc.
3. Watch English movies and try pronouncing the words you learn while standing in front of a mirror and check you facial expression.
4. If you have a computer, or a cassette recorder, record from channels like BBC or CNN then record the same thing in your own voice and compare the differences.
5. Try to communicate in English as much as possible with your family members, friends and colleagues.
6. While communicating in English never think what you are going to say in your mother tongue rather try to think the sentence in English.
16th December 2008 From United States , Munich
hi i am laxmi,
If u want to improve ur english it is better to write diary daily,why becoz u can express ur feeling freely and also u can make corrections also. I improved like that only.. All The Best
16th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Hi , I would like to give you some tips :
I agree with Laxmi -100%, a very good way to express your ideas, then if you want to speak in English, I suggest you read comics, it may not give you the queen's English but it will give you some clue to carry on with a conversation.
When you acquire speaking ability, then improve your language by adding, modifying and deleting. However try to avoid literal translation, say the closest thought whatever comes to your mind as a reply, it could be wrong but say it, then correct it, you must have this courage, alternately spend sometime with a native English speaker.
Good luck!
17th December 2008 From Bangladesh , Dhaka
Dear suganyaasri,
try to see english news & try to speak english as more as possible with friend & kept if possible small pocket dictionarywith you so that if there's any problem u can sort it out.
17th December 2008
some of them have given excellent clue. but if they specify any of the cds like audio or video, novel books name which will help to improve spoken english would be better to beginner.
and also mail me i am also beginner,

17th December 2008 From India , Madras
Dear Paneer and Suganyashri

To learn English you should improve the following
1. vocabulary - words with their meaning- using a dictionary would help
2. Pronunciation - how these words should be pronounced without our mother tongue influence.
3. Listening and comprehending: You may listen to good English tapes preferably from other countries and try to comprehend
4. Buy a good grammar book. There are books available specially designed for south Asian students. These books comes with exercises for each part and answers at the end of the book. These books are very good for self-study. you can visit many websites like Advanced English lessons (MANY GOOD WEBSITES ARE AVAILABLE)
5. Please understand to speak English you should actually try and speak in English. Find out a friend who would listen to your English and keep correcting you as and when you commit mistakes
6. Stop thinking in your mother tongue and start thinking in English
7. Read aloud everyday for atleast 15 minutes. Record your voice and listen again to find out your mistakes
8. KEEP SPEAKING in English until you master it even if the people around you criticize or make fun. Please remember this just like cycling or swimming is a skill. So more you practice the better the result. Mere reading and listening alone will not help

Simplest solution is to take help from Quality institutes like heromindmine. Their courses comprise most of the above activities. There you can actually record your voice and compare it with the native speakers during the course and improve if required. You may visit Hero Mindmine Institute for more info on centers and courses.

Last but not the least you must take this skill seriously and fix a target for yourselves before which you must be able to speak.

All the best
18th December 2008 From India , Madras
What CNN and BBC regularly and particularly understand the accent.Get an Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary try learn a word from the dictionary since from spelling to usage it will enrich you soon.
all the best.
18th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Whenever you speak, try to do it loudly, slowly, and clearly. Concentrate on accuracy; fluency will come automatically. You should enroll for a short course with us, if possible.
Visit us at:
SCO 86-87,
Sector 45-C,
Chandigarh: - 160047
Phone: 0172-5085641
Corporate Trainer,English Learning Academy,Professional Trainer
Good luck!
Hardeep Anant
Cell: 9814094206
18th December 2008 From India , Ludhiana
Dear friend,
The easiest method for learning English that too correct English is .....start teaching some small kids who are in their primary classes,may be as a kind gesture.Teach English from the standard second onwards.The books for elementary classes teach English in very simple and easy to imbibe pattern.Moreover while you yourself will be strengthening foundation for command on English language,you would also be conversing with children in English.Kids are very innocent and playful.They would never damage your zeal to learn and would never lower your confidence level.In fact ,as they are talkative lot they would be giving you enough opportunity to practice learnt vocabulary and would be throwing new challenges to learn frequently used words.Slowly you can keep finishing the elementary English books.I promise you that by the time you finish teaching English syllabus prescribed till standard fifth ,you would be better than very many who claim to be very good at conversing in English.Let me share with you that most of us speak fluent English but very less speak correct English.So ,in first place,have clear intention of learning correct English as you would never find yourself in embarrasing situation while teaching your own kids tomorrow if you are clear about basic English grammar.You must have patience and perseverance.I am sure with this enthusiasm you would be communicating your thoughts in English very confidently,written and spoken as well,in another two months.My dear,be giving to others and you will get a lot.Teach others and you will surely learn.Try not to waste your time in gossiping with anyone uselessly.In fact whenever you get someone to communicate with, please avail the opportunity to practice your spoken english.Do this exercise more while talking to strangers who can respond in English because you wouldn't feel hesistant of making mistakes.Read a lot of articles wrtten in English and read simple books.Initially if you start reading books with tough English you will lose interest in reading itself.Always keep a pocket dictionary with you to refer.Never leave any word unattended that calls you to look for its meaning.Otherwise your vocabulary will never strengthen.
And remember all of us came to this world with only language of smiles and tears so all of us are equally endowed.The only difference in a person with good verbal communication skills and a person who has lesser of that is opportunity and enthusiasm to learn and practice.

God bless all your efforts!
19th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Whenever you speak, try to do it loudly, slowly, and clearly. Concentrate on accuracy; fluency will come automatically. You should enroll for a short course with us, if possible.
Visit us at:
SCO 86-87,
Sector 45-C,
Chandigarh: - 160047
Phone: 0172-5085641
Corporate Trainer,English Learning Academy,Professional Trainer
Good luck!
Hardeep Anant
Cell: 9814094206
<link outdated-removed> :)
20th December 2008 From India , Ludhiana
Hi,I suggest u to read english books. start with the simplest.then go for english spoken classes , put a habit to refer dictionery. try to think every thing like how to speak it in English. Use English words & sentences as much as possible.
20th December 2008 From India , Jaipur
I am a soft skill trainer dealing with hundreds of students who face problems similar to yours.I woud suggest you the natural process of learning any language for that matter even your own mother tongue.

The first basic step is Listening .Listen or expose yourself as much as possible to english language,be through any audio CD or watching 2-3 english news every day.Even if you are unable to understand still hold on to your patience and keep listening.After a few days you will slowly understand.Because you learnt your mother tongue the same way.

The second is Speaking.As you would have observed kids keep on speaking to themselves always and that is how they leran to communicate in their mother tongue.Speak to yourself,right or wrong.get into the habit of uttering those english words to get the fear out of you that you do not know english.Tell yourself what you did the entire day,or tell yourself what you re going to do tommorow,etc.Find a like minded friend and every day fix up with him to discuss any thing in english for atleast 5 mins at the begining and after 15 days increase it to10 and so on.

The third is Reading.It helps you in understanding the structure of a sentence and the right usage of words and phrases.Read loudly enough to be audible to you atleast.

The fourth is Writing.It makes the things more concrete.It helps you in practising the structure and new words you learnt.

Have patience and keep your efforts going.
20th December 2008 From India , Sambalpur
Dear Sugan,

English is one of the easiest language in the world and not likie any other difficult language. Pl. follow the following method to learn learn English quickly.

1. Buy any English News Paper available at your place
2. In all English Newspaper there is column by " Letters to the Editor " mostly in the middle of the paper. Take out this column and read all the letters. There may be different letters written by the Newspaper Readers and all the letters you may find it in a simple language that too in a latest subjects.
3. When you are reading itself you may find the meaning.
4. If it is difficult for you to find a meaning read it 2nd time the same letter. Like wise the same letter you keep on read it until you know the meaning even 10/20 times no problem, there is nothing wrong in it.
5. You are certainly know the meaning of more than 50% after reading minimum 10/20 times.
6. By this time you also come to know little about the words formation in Englishing writing.
8. Then you sit one place and start writing the same letter which you read. (If you do this, the model of words formation will sit in your mind and slowly you can learn english in a right manner.)
9. Similary, start reading the columns where the news of "crime" published
in the newspaper. This is every easy to understand every day.

So Pl. do not join any English Speaking schools and they are only collelcting money nothing else. And No Insitute will teach you a good english more than any newspaper reading. Most of the Teachers at the Insitute are not all knowing Good English.

For your day-to-day doubts, you may send me a mail to my ID: " and I can clear your doubts. Pl. follow this simple procedure and you will be surprised to know your english knowledge within 30 days.

- thanks - VenkataRamani -

7. Likewise, daily I am repeating that you should daily practice
22nd December 2008 From India , New Delhi
8-) Hy You just take any of the above suggestion and keep trying regular besis ..., and trust in you .., wait for the result because once you try regular there will be the result Ok!!!!!
22nd December 2008 From India , Thana
For the easiest way to learn good english is by reading the newspaper aloud in front of a mirror. It will not only boost ur confidence but will also remove your stage fear. For word pronounciation, keep a good dictionary handy. Make sure the word pronounciations are given in the dictionary.
Learn one new word daily and try using it in your conversations. It will improve your vocabulary too.
All the best.
22nd December 2008 From India , Bangalore
To improve your spoken english you should
Read British Novels and newspapers: you should read them aloud if possible
Use free online sources like: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
And to take professional help you could contact us at:

Also find attached our Brochure for more details
22nd December 2008 From India , New Delhi

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The first distinction is to seperate spoken from written language.
Even when one speaks the language "well"-grammatically correct and good accent-it is easy to see when one has learnt a language "naturally" and when from a textbook.Think of your own mother tongue-if you lived say in Assam you will pick up that language differently than if you learnt it from a textbook
So your goal should be to speak it naturally.
You said listening is a big problem-it is-if you say listen to native speakers.
So got o a channel like BBC and even CNN or the Discovery,National Geographic,History channel and listen to them.For days you might not get what they say-but gradually you will.
Also very important is to 'prepare" to listen.Sit where you wont be disturbed and there is silence around;tell yourself" I just need to get five/ten words of what they are saying".Motivate yourself and push your confidence up.
Then if you come across a word you like, imitate it;if you dont know the meaning find it out.
Then of course-speak the language at every opportunity-watch a child learn a language-it will repeat a word a zillion times-again and again;they dont feel shy ;they thus pick up a many languages as they are exposed to.So with us-talk in English.
Reading will help you to broaden your vocabulary and improve your grammar.It wont help you speak better-because as I said before we dont speak a language the way it is written-so careful about that!!
eg:Do you want to come?-written
23rd December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Dear Suganya
Learn a simple word everyday. Try to use it in your conversation. Speak to other voluntarily in english and never ever get shy. If possible get a English speaking freind, who does nt know your local language. Try Hard.
26th December 2008 From India , Madras
The most important thing when you learn a language is to be able to think in that language. You may not get anyone to talk to, but you can continue thinking in English. There is no one to stop you. Learn short sentences and use these sentences. Listen to the radio, listen (not watch!) the TV and read a few sentences every day. Read small story books. You will be surprised at how much your language improves. Talk without worrying about the errors that you are committing.
I have a blogsite that focuses on the kind of errors that we make as speakers of English.
It is upgraded nearly every day and focuses on problems that speakers have, without bringing in too much of grammar.
The site is:
Know Your Language

If you want to learn English, think in English. Learn new words and make use of them. Listen to English songs, nursery rhymes and listen to the pattern of words and how they are pronounced. Read English loudly and talk to your family and friends in English.
Visit my blog site on avoiding some common errors in English.
If you have any particular problems, I will address those too.

Know Your Language

26th December 2008 From India , Madras
hi man, Read the news paper every day 60min / 30min u’ll get ........... Regards Ravi M:icon5:
30th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
The best way to speak a language is to constantly use it. Doesn't matter if one commits mistakes. Talk to the family and your friends in English. Write mails in English. Maintain a diary. All these are things that people do when they want to master a language.
Know Your Language
31st December 2008 From India , Madras
Hi This is kiran, I suggest you to read a book called WORD POWER MADE EAZY, I strongly believe that, this book will defenately solve your problem Thanks and Regards
31st December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
This is what, that came into my mind when you asked such a question!
Just register with and activocab and you will get atleast one single word a day to improve your pronounciation and vocabulary!!!
1st January 2009 From India , Selam
Reading the newspaper is very useful. But the language of the newspaper is not the language that we speak. Students who are just getting into English have difficulties with this. Reading children's stories or primary school textbooks is a great way of improving language.
3rd January 2009 From India , Madras
i will give you simple method
1. read English news paper in low voice for 2 months.
2.try to understand each sentence with help of dictionary or friend or teacher.
3.try writing english sentences from the news paper first by seeing and then try to avoid seeing.
4 try reading english newspaper in loud voice at a suitable place
5 don't worry about mistakes .it is not your mothertongue.
6seriously practice as above,you will start talking in english from 6th month.
7 best of luck
23rd January 2009 From India , New Delhi
All the comments are valid! But the most important thing that one must do in order to learn a language is to stay motivated! That no one can do for you. You have to take the responsibility of setting aside time for improving your language skills. It is a slow process but it will happen one day.
Know Your Language
24th January 2009 From India , Madras
1. Buy yourself one or two English story books for 8-10 year old children. Read it aloud.
2. Select simple news items in the English paper. Read them aloud. Do 1 and 2 for about 15 minutes every day.
3. Try to speak in English as much as possible
4. Mentally practice sentence construction if you are too shy to speak much. Start with very simple sentences like - "shall we go to the movies?"
24th January 2009 From India , Mumbai
Spoken English is not so much about English Language. It is about the habit of speaking, and speaking in Engllish. Threrefore, we must first cultivate the habit of speaking, speaking in front of two or more without any fear; speaking in an orderly manner with all clarity and efficiently. This is first step. Then, if you want to speak English, get good vocabulary. You may follow any thing that strikes to your brain. Make it a practice to gain few words everyday. Know their meaning and use them everyday. Read, Speak, Write and more than any thing else, listen to English.
Learning to speak English is like cyclying. Somebody will tell, this is peddle, break etc. It is you that have to keep balancing. Meaning, you have to do the practice by your self, as much as you can; and everyday continuously. That is all about Speaking in English.
2nd February 2009 From India , Hyderabad
I totally agree with Mr. K S Rao. You have to learn the language in the way it is comfortable for you! Explore the different kinds of methods available and then decide what suits you best. Some may like to learn English online; another would prefer a private tutor; some may decide on attending group sessions. Yet others may decide that they can do it on their own, with help from friends and relatives. Choose the method that suits you best.
Know Your Language
3rd February 2009 From India , Madras
Watch any english news channel for 1/2 an hour (listen to news with all your attentions). come to your room where you have full length mirror and stand & speak as much as you can. Practise this for 21 days no sunday, no holidays.

If you feel boring watching news channel, watch any english movie for 1/2 an hour and narrate the story to yourself in your words.

If you are not able to speak after watching news/ movies, it means you have poor listening skills or you fall short of words. In case you feel that you fall short of words, read any english newspaper which entertains you e.g. Mumbai mirror or mid day etc. practise reading for 30 days continously & make a note of few attractive words (at least 10 words a day) and repeat those words at least 25 times in a day (10 * 25 = 250 times, it sounds diffcult but if u wnt to master practise it) and then practise the above mentioned exercise for 21 days

While speaking in front of the mirror be extremely confident. look into your own eyes and speak loud.

13th February 2009 From India , Mumbai
Hello Suganya,

With due respects to all the members who have posted their suggestions, let me advise you to learn English grammar properly using a good grammar book. There are many books available online for you to download. Learn to use English, the proper way and PLEASE avoid using the modern, trendy 'desi English' which most people use in forums. Once you are comfortable with basic grammar, speaking comes without any difficulty. We Indians have a funny way of understanding English speeches - we listen to speeches made in English and understand that in our very mother tongue first. Then we try to 'transliterate' that in English. In this process, we fail miserably to use English in the proper way.

I can give an example:

"I saw you with my wife in Pondy Bazaar, on Sunday." I wanted to communicate that while I was in Pondy Bazaar with my wife, I saw you! See how funny the expression has become due to wrong entence formation.

Another suggestion: read a lot, read English newspaper, novels, or for that matter any printed English book that might be of some interesrt to you.
Feel free to contact for any assistance.

Good luck.

Best regards,

Pamanabhan. M
98400 29805

22nd February 2009 From India , Madras
it is foolish to expect yourself speaking fluently like the native or other fluent speakers. no course, no book, no channel, no movie can help you but yourself. pick up a dictionary read page by page, word by word and try to highlight words that interest you or which you think may be required to be used in near future. over a period of time, using those words and trying to speak as much as you can and expressing ideas helps.whenever you open the dictionary to look up new words previously highlighted words will be automatically revised and you will be able to build up an effective vocabulary. remember that an advanced learners' basic dictionary consists of only 3000 words and trust me you know at least 2500 words right now. check it and move smiling ahead:lol:
23rd February 2009 From India , Hyderabad
Hi Sugan, I am a Psychologist and would advise you to stand in front of a mirror and talk in English , thinking that there is another person with whom you are carrying out a conversation. You can even make corrections of you posture, your facial expression.

24th February 2009 From Bangladesh , Dhaka
Hi Suganyaasri,I reciprocate Aniel's view. The site recommended by him is indeed very useful. Remember, you need to read and speak continuously to understand the language better. All the best. Cheers!!
24th February 2009 From India , Mumbai
Dear Suganyaasri,

I left India 40 years ago, my first trip out of Kerala. The English I knew, heard and spoke were all different. I could not depend on any one except myself to improve my communication skills in English. I am my best teacher.

Believe it or not, in three years I was teaching Business English in a Business College to students for whom English is the first language. And I have always worked with people for whom English is the first language..

First thing to do in improving your fluency is to "Think in English". Never even try to translate from your own language.

Do not confuse "fluency" with "speed". Listen to the English news channels from India as well as say America/Canada/Britain... they all speak different. Choose the one you are comfortable with.

Learn a word a day... increase your vocabulary... yet always use simple and common words when speaking

I had a Ph.D friend who used to say, "I had the inclination to visit you, but some or rather it did not materialize until today"

Just say... "I wanted to visit you, but did not just do so"

Last advise... NEVER imitate those "kariya goras" (I mean "black Europeans who wants to speak like europeans) ... When the British left India... they left some dogs behind... Ha.. Ha.. Ha...:lol:

Good Luck
1st March 2009 From Saudi Arabia , Riyadh
try some s/w for eng fluency /.....i'll always suggest u to watch hollywood movies ... for better understandings & pronounciations

If u need some softwares just mail me or send me scrap on following links ::

GMAIL .."::


ORKUT ::: click ::::wink:


1st March 2009 From India , Bhilai
for gud english, firstly dont take any tension to speak up, whatever comes in ur mind speak up. dont think abt others,think whatever u speak is right,:smile::wink:
1st March 2009 From India , Ghaziabad

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