Spoken English is not so much about English Language. It is about the habit of speaking, and speaking in Engllish. Threrefore, we must first cultivate the habit of speaking, speaking in front of two or more without any fear; speaking in an orderly manner with all clarity and efficiently. This is first step. Then, if you want to speak English, get good vocabulary. You may follow any thing that strikes to your brain. Make it a practice to gain few words everyday. Know their meaning and use them everyday. Read, Speak, Write and more than any thing else, listen to English.
Learning to speak English is like cyclying. Somebody will tell, this is peddle, break etc. It is you that have to keep balancing. Meaning, you have to do the practice by your self, as much as you can; and everyday continuously. That is all about Speaking in English.

From India , Hyderabad
I totally agree with Mr. K S Rao. You have to learn the language in the way it is comfortable for you! Explore the different kinds of methods available and then decide what suits you best. Some may like to learn English online; another would prefer a private tutor; some may decide on attending group sessions. Yet others may decide that they can do it on their own, with help from friends and relatives. Choose the method that suits you best.
Know Your Language

From India , Madras
Watch any english news channel for 1/2 an hour (listen to news with all your attentions). come to your room where you have full length mirror and stand & speak as much as you can. Practise this for 21 days no sunday, no holidays.

If you feel boring watching news channel, watch any english movie for 1/2 an hour and narrate the story to yourself in your words.

If you are not able to speak after watching news/ movies, it means you have poor listening skills or you fall short of words. In case you feel that you fall short of words, read any english newspaper which entertains you e.g. Mumbai mirror or mid day etc. practise reading for 30 days continously & make a note of few attractive words (at least 10 words a day) and repeat those words at least 25 times in a day (10 * 25 = 250 times, it sounds diffcult but if u wnt to master practise it) and then practise the above mentioned exercise for 21 days

While speaking in front of the mirror be extremely confident. look into your own eyes and speak loud.


From India , Mumbai
Senior Manager - ITES - transcription
Hello Suganya,

With due respects to all the members who have posted their suggestions, let me advise you to learn English grammar properly using a good grammar book. There are many books available online for you to download. Learn to use English, the proper way and PLEASE avoid using the modern, trendy 'desi English' which most people use in forums. Once you are comfortable with basic grammar, speaking comes without any difficulty. We Indians have a funny way of understanding English speeches - we listen to speeches made in English and understand that in our very mother tongue first. Then we try to 'transliterate' that in English. In this process, we fail miserably to use English in the proper way.

I can give an example:

"I saw you with my wife in Pondy Bazaar, on Sunday." I wanted to communicate that while I was in Pondy Bazaar with my wife, I saw you! See how funny the expression has become due to wrong entence formation.

Another suggestion: read a lot, read English newspaper, novels, or for that matter any printed English book that might be of some interesrt to you.
Feel free to contact for any assistance.

Good luck.

Best regards,

Pamanabhan. M
98400 29805

From India , Madras
it is foolish to expect yourself speaking fluently like the native or other fluent speakers. no course, no book, no channel, no movie can help you but yourself. pick up a dictionary read page by page, word by word and try to highlight words that interest you or which you think may be required to be used in near future. over a period of time, using those words and trying to speak as much as you can and expressing ideas helps.whenever you open the dictionary to look up new words previously highlighted words will be automatically revised and you will be able to build up an effective vocabulary. remember that an advanced learners' basic dictionary consists of only 3000 words and trust me you know at least 2500 words right now. check it and move smiling ahead:lol:

From India , Hyderabad
Hi Sugan, I am a Psychologist and would advise you to stand in front of a mirror and talk in English , thinking that there is another person with whom you are carrying out a conversation. You can even make corrections of you posture, your facial expression.

From Bangladesh , Dhaka
Hi Suganyaasri,I reciprocate Aniel's view. The site recommended by him is indeed very useful. Remember, you need to read and speak continuously to understand the language better. All the best. Cheers!!
From India , Mumbai
Dear Suganyaasri,

I left India 40 years ago, my first trip out of Kerala. The English I knew, heard and spoke were all different. I could not depend on any one except myself to improve my communication skills in English. I am my best teacher.

Believe it or not, in three years I was teaching Business English in a Business College to students for whom English is the first language. And I have always worked with people for whom English is the first language..

First thing to do in improving your fluency is to "Think in English". Never even try to translate from your own language.

Do not confuse "fluency" with "speed". Listen to the English news channels from India as well as say America/Canada/Britain... they all speak different. Choose the one you are comfortable with.

Learn a word a day... increase your vocabulary... yet always use simple and common words when speaking

I had a Ph.D friend who used to say, "I had the inclination to visit you, but some or rather it did not materialize until today"

Just say... "I wanted to visit you, but did not just do so"

Last advise... NEVER imitate those "kariya goras" (I mean "black Europeans who wants to speak like europeans) ... When the British left India... they left some dogs behind... Ha.. Ha.. Ha...:lol:

Good Luck

From Saudi Arabia , Riyadh
try some s/w for eng fluency /.....i'll always suggest u to watch hollywood movies ... for better understandings & pronounciations

If u need some softwares just mail me or send me scrap on following links ::

GMAIL .."::


ORKUT ::: click ::::wink:


From India , Bhilai
for gud english, firstly dont take any tension to speak up, whatever comes in ur mind speak up. dont think abt others,think whatever u speak is right,:smile::wink:
From India , Ghaziabad

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