dear all,
please someone help me. i have just completed my mba in june 2008 and i have also done LLb. presently i am working in a consultancy that offers me 4000 rs. i am a hard worker. i have applied in so many companies but nobody response me why i couldn't understand it. please someone give me a chance to learn and work then i'll show my talent. i am confuse how to make a career in hr. just tell me. i had joined this consultancy to learn but here my responsibility is just search out resume from job portals and make a call to candidate and make and send synopsis to my head.
10th December 2008 From India , New Delhi

Student (mba With Hr)
Plant Manager (head - Operations)
+25 Others

Are you willing to locate in Pune ?
If, Yes.
Can you let me know about your CV @ ?
If, No.
Thanks and Wishing you a lot of success very soon ahead.
With Best Regards,
10th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
Hi buddy...

:-)By introducing myself; I am chezhiyan, Project management. I am too - MBA system 2007. First of all, you are not starting your career journey. You are at first step. Before that, you are worrying about your career and salary... You are such a young fellow! First change your route by way of thinking....

:confused:Now the time of financial crisis dark environment, it is one sense true that some one couldn’t get right job based on their qualifications... so many are there that simply bother about thinking their facts without taking any step or opportunity.

Don’t think that you are at simple job or discriminate by yourself/job... let you explore any opportunity in consultancy industry. Just think different and try to implement new innovative things that leads/up you to career in your concern... Just see others what they are doing and impact the business… or you may be get any chance in monster/naukri in future…

And now companies’ don’t expect hard worker, you need to be become a smart worker.
I hope that you are hr person understand -' hard / smart worker '

One of my friend had joined in hr exe job like your job profile with salary 7k. He exploited job knowledge and opportunity from his job/industry; shortly he became manager with 14k. Now he is running his own hr consultancy firm and offering job to others. He is a boss for his company within span of 1.5 years. Could you believe this first? Both You and my friend had have everything the same options, resources but only different is that way of thinking and taking to home, I guess…

Now could you pursue this reality -example?

Yes, you might be in late to win, but you will win one certain day...

Wait for right opportunity or make your opportunity....

by Last words, Don’t think that I m boring you with advise, take that sharing my experience/views by one of your senior guy.

All the best buddy...

You can reach me: , (mention your name), if u want….

If my reply makes sounds good/sensible means, I m happy to hear from your end…

:-) Smile please..... " Click " ...... Thanks buddy !!!

Can… Can…


SPA. Chezhiyan
10th December 2008 From India , Madras
Hi Buddy,

My sincere advise is, to gain experience in your present job and start your own HR Consultancy. Most of the job you are doing more likely coordinates to what HR Consultancies offer. So, If you could gain good knowledge in your present job, the best HR Consultancy you can start.

I am also a HR Executive in one of the top Indian IT Company and my graduation is B.Com. I am earning Rs. 25000 PM Approximately. I started my career as an Accounts Executive in one of the Manufacturing Companies for just Rs. 2500 Per Month. Now I am earning approximately 10 times my first salary in just 5 Years. Though I am not a HR by qualification, I chose this field as I have plans to start a HR Consultancy in a year or 2 from now. The job which I am doing now is the dry one and I wish I could take up a HR Career in Recruitment as you are now. My current job is just generating reports and I am eager to shift from my current role to a role of yours.

So, don't loose your heart. You may mail me at . :lol:
10th December 2008 From India ,
dear arpan,
as you already did LLb so try to search job through agancy like your agency, in industries, where they need HR people to handle industrial disputes. let you receive any salary in that field. once you are perfect, you will get high salary and better position. post your cv in naukri.com, monster.com, jobsahead.com etc. in IR they need people with LLb, MSW etc. your present job profile will also help you to get job in recruitment dept in any company. without leaving current job, try for new job related to industrail relation. even you can work as P.R.O. even you can work under lawyer practising labour related cases. so you will be perfect HR. gain perfect knowledge of labour law, ESIC, PF, accidental Insurance, wages, compensation and benefits etc.
10th December 2008 From United Arab Emirates , Dubai
hi, Even i’m planning to start hr consultancy. let discuss / meet if possible. Regards, Ramesh chandra 09916936788
13th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
my name is Akshay Kanaskar. I am working as a HR executive in Country Club India Ltd. I have total 1.5 Yrs of exp . I am also facing the same problem. I am willing to relocate and travel. I looking for more better opportunity. I am also strugling to build career in HR.
At present my pay package is very low.
Can anyone help me in getting job in HR.
my mail id is
13th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Face facts man.. education can't get you everywhere... just coz u've studied so much doesn't mean u will get a well paying job. U can start with getting some exp and start to focus on ur job, rather than pay. Improving your english will help also. Try having some patience for a change. Most ppl start with a low package, which gradually increases.
What do u mean "please someone give me a chance to learn and work then i'll show my talent." U have a job and u have to grab ur chance... Wake up and smell the coffee...
13th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Dear friend, I don't profess to know what you are going through. However, I can give you some idea on how you can approach your problem.

Ask yourself

1. Are your expectations too high vis-a-vis your skills and experience. Perhaps you have more to learn. What skills are most important to do your job? Who else in the office is doing the same thing better than you? What can you learn from them?

2. Who is your boss? What are his qualifications and skill level. Is there any skill you can pick up or emulate?

3. IS yours a commission-based work? If so, how can you improve your numbers.

4. Is your resume effective? Does it reflect poor English skills?Does it list any achievements (check out this blog ResumePort for ideas on how to improve your resume and cover letters.

5. The economy is slow, jobs are being lost, and freshers are not getting hired anymore...so stay on your job. Forget about starting your own HR consultancy in this environment (succeed at your job first).

Most importantly--learn, and see that you are improving your English skills, interpersonal abilities, sales skills. Read books, observe successful people, etc.

6. You say you are hard working. In your current job, can you take on any extra project to prove your worth? Be careful, take it only if you will deliver excellent results.

7. Try to get feedback from your colleagues. Ask subtle questions over coffee/tea.... who is doing well in the job, why are they successful, what are people's impression about you and the job you are doing. Take advise from people doing your job.

8. Finally the most important thing, if you don't get anything else from my post please remember this----you should never wait or expect anyone to give you a chance to prove yourself and or to learn. YOU HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHANCE- by taking chances, asking for feedback, reading books or articles, identifying your weaknesses and overcoming them and building strengths.

I wish you all the best, dear friend. Hold on and Work hard on yourself. In time, the results will show up in your work on the job, and even if nothing substantial happens in the near term, you will be ready when something really good comes along in your current or future job.
14th December 2008 From India , Calcutta
Hi friend,
I do not think you are applying for opportunities that meets close to your skills, or your cv is not creating an impression the Employers expect.
Please remember
1. Your CV should be tuned to the job you are applying for.
2. Make sure you highlight your achievements.
3. Do not make a mistake by sending one cv to all firms, different companies have different ways of focusing same issue,
4. Make sure you give the impression of a professional by not making the CV and cover letter personalized.
I hope this helps , if it does do let me know.
K Sayeed
14th December 2008 From Bangladesh , Dhaka

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