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I am Gauri , Working in H.R.Dept.
I have one question that is it necessory to give notice period for employees, if yes then after complition of notice period,company will paid salary for it or not.
5th December 2008 From India , Anand
Hi No of months depends upon the appointment letter. I think as per Labour laws, its one month (you may check this out). Yes, company has to pay the salary for notice period also. BR Shankar
5th December 2008 From Bahrain , Manama
Hi Gauri, No of notice period months is depends upon the company and they should pay salary for it. Regards Chandru
6th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
yes, The Employees have to sercive notice period and their salary has to be processed, J.P.Bhagirathi
6th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
hi Gauri,No of notice period months is depends upon the company and they should pay salary for it.Vinod
7th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
HI Gauri,
U have asked a very basic question. In its reply I want to say that yes for an employee its ethical rather then necessary to serve the Notice Period. NPeriod can be 1 month ( it completed his probation period) or could be 15 days (if on probation).
Once he completes his notice period, he gets his last working month salary by cheque & other documents like Relieving Letter, Character Certificate, exp letter etc.
Do let me know it any further information is needed at
8th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
dear gouri,
HR dept or any organisation maid notice period system so that company can hire another person in that period and can handover the duties of one resigned, is handling. its a normal working so salary is paid. notice period means only the time given to employer to recruit one to handle one's job so that routine work is not affected.
8th December 2008 From United Arab Emirates , Dubai
Hai Gauri,
As per the rule if you are a confirmed staff of a company you need to give a notice period for which you will be paid for.If you fail to give a notice period you will have to give to the company your one month salary.
If you are not a confirmed staff,NO PROBLEMS at all.You can just walk off.
Sree Parvathy
Training Manager
8th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Dear all,

gauri has indeed posted a basic and important question. vijaya has gone some way in answering it . here's my piece.

i'll assume the employee concerned is not a workman under the industrial disputes act, and that he has some kind of administrative / managerial duties (life's not so easy when the employee is a workman).

for employees who are not workmen, their relationship with their employer is governed by the Contract of Employment (called by various other names such as Appointment Letter, Agreement of Service, Work Contract, or whatever you HR guys can come up with :)

if the Contract for Employment provides for a notice period to be given before an employee quits (and every employer in his right mind will ensure that such a provision exists), then the Notice period will depend on what's in the contract. typically, such contracts provide that the employee has to give 1 month Notice in writing or 1 Month's salary in lieu of Notice (i.e. instead of Notice), regardless of whether he is on probation or whether he's confirmed. the employer on the other hand normally keeps it flexible. saying that the company can terminate the services of the employee without Notice while he is on probation, if he's not meeting the expectations of the Company, or by giving 1 month's Notice or salary in leiu of Notice to the Employee if confirmed. Even then, the Company normally reserves the right to terminate the confirmed employee's employment without Notice or pay if the employee is found guilty of any misconduct.

in case the Contract of Employment does not provide for a Notice period, then we have to look to the law. if your office is not a factory, then you must be governed by your local Shops and Establishments Act, (like in Maharashtra,there's the Bombay Shops & Establishments Act). Every state in India has one. the Act will have a provision dealing with notice period. but it deals only with the notice that the employer has to give to the employee before termination, not when the employee wants to resign.

moral of the story, the Contract of employment must have the provision for an employee providing notice before quitting, or salary in lieu thereof. and yes, he must be paid his salary for the time he works, including the Notice period. if the contract of employment does not make a provision mandating that the employee give notice before quitting, then you might want to sit with him and work something out.
9th December 2008 From India , Pune
It is mandatory that the order of appointment contain the notice period for termination of the service by either the employer or employee. It binds both as a matter of natural justice. Hence prior notice must be given as per the order and the employee is paid if he does not absent himself during the notice period.
If the order is silent as regards the notice period, it is as per the discretion of the employer.
9th December 2008 From India , Delhi
Hi Gauri...

As per my knowledge the period of notice varies from company to company. I have seen notice periods from 1 week to 3 months. But 1 month notice period is the most common one. The reason of notice period is to provide the employers (and if employees is being terminated then to employees) to provide them a buffer zone to search for suitable replacement for that designation/person. Again the notice period is generally for permanent employees. Employees serving their probation period or in contract terms can leave (or terminated) immediately (or as per the company policy)

Again in few companies notice period for senior most guys (such as VP, group head, president or HODs) is 2-3 months as its difficult to find candidates for their stature so soon. As employee works during the notice period, he is obviously subjected to get the payment and employment benefit for that period too. In certain cases when employee wishes to leave the company without serving the whole notice period, they (employee) have to pay back to company (generally comes under full n final settlement as per leaves taken/leaves left/days left in notice period etc) as per their employment contract.

Hope this will be helpful..


9th December 2008 From India , Nagpur
You can take the employer to court if they don't pay. Its compulsory and you will get paid.
The duration of your notice period depends on what's mentioned in your appointment letter, you have to serve your entire notice period only after which the company is obliged to pay you.
Warm Regards,
Laeeq Ahmed.
10th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
On ethical grounds one needs to serve the notice period for sure. If a employee is still under probation period, 15 days of notice is must. But after probation period 30days of notice is required.
About salary:- The last worked month salary will be paid to u either thru cheque or directly into ur salary account.
*** Pls dnt close ths account, as all the other reimbursements, medical claims, P.F. will get transferred in ur salary account preferably.
I guess ur ques is answered. In any confusion can mail me to "sandy2553@gmail.com"
10th December 2008 From India , Pune
Yes, Employee should serve notice period or he should pay notice pay. It’s depend on appointment letters terms and conditions. Thanks. R R Ghogare
10th December 2008 From India , Pune
Dear Gauri, Wether to attend notice period or not it depends on company policy. If you attend it definately you will be paid or viceversa regds, ARUN
10th December 2008 From India , Delhi
HI , Whatever the people are saying is right , but some of the comapny pay that salary in full and final settlement Regards Sameer Marathe
10th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
There are different rules according to laws some company ask for 1,2or 3 months notice. And the company pays the salary for the notice period also but it is adjusted in the full and final settlement(FAFS). It is like if any employee has taken any loan or advances from the company then at the time of leaving the loan amount is deducted and the remaining amount is paid through making the FAFS.:-)
10th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
Notice period depends on status of employment, in probation it could be one month and after confirmation it can be extented to 3 months. If you are releasing the staff earlier than the notice period required, you need to pay to the staff.
10th December 2008 From India , New Delhi
hi,I am lakshmikanth I have worked for a Logistics company and also got Increment for my "good" performance on May '08 and then resigned from that company after one year under notice period of 7days and left after official handover to the concerned. even after 3 and a half month I am yet to receive my relieving letter and full and final settlement. Please tell me how fare is this ? and what should I do now for my settlement.
10th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
It is always better and ethical to complete the formalities quoted in your appointment letter while leaving the company.
10th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
Yes,Notice period is necessary to serve to the company.Because,it is mentioned in your appointment,once you signed & accepted the same (This is a valid contract in between you & company).The same thing is affirmed by you to the Company.So,you are liable to pay notice period to the company as per your appointment letter.
Prakash Joshi.
11th December 2008 From India , Calcutta
My Dear Gauri,

NOTICE PERIOD in any employment denotes serving a NOTICE either to the employer or employee from either side for removing/leaving from employment. While issuing an appointment letter by the employer,it is clearly mentioned in the last para graph(preferably) that "your employment can be terminted at any time by a 1/2/3 months(as the case may be) NOTICE from either side or "PAY IN LIEU" thereof. This means, either the employer has to serve 1/2/3 months(as the case may be) notice to the employee for removing from employment,failing he has to pay salary for the said period in question. Alternatively, the employee intending to quit the service has to serve 1/2/3 months notice(as the case may be)to his employer,failing he has to pay/deposit the salary for the given period.And in the case of serving NOTICE from either side,salary is payable by the employer. But, if the employee neither serves a notice nor deposits the salary for the given period,no salary shall be payable to him. And in this case,there may be difficulty in getting the employee released from employment. This is briefly the case.


11th December 2008 From India , Jamshedpur
Dear Gauri,
Ofcourse, notice period is required for the handover formalities.
It is as per the clause mentioned in the appointment letter.
And, after completion of the notice period, company should give the salary for that month to the employee.
11th December 2008 From India , Delhi
It is a pity that people of this caliber are occupying the HR profession.
necessory should be typed as "necessary"
complition should be typed as "completion"
There are atleast a half a dozen typing errors with spacings, usage of "'," etc.
First improve your english.
11th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Hi Gauri,
Notice period serves as a "window period" for the employer to find a replacement. Employee can choose to just leave without notice period but that is not professional. And if that happens, employeer can choose to withhold salary, or deduct it to compensate for notice in lieu.
Salary is still payable for the notice period. It is just a question of when this is done, and this is based on the company's policy. Hope that helps.
K Palali

12th December 2008 From Singapore , Singapore
Notice period is part of our employment contract.It is incorporated in each and every appointment letter. It is required to be completed and salary is to be paid for it. If you are not completing your notice period, you have to compensate to Organisation by way of money .
12th December 2008 From India , Khopoli
Pls go through the letter of appointment where there will the termination of employment clause.
No notice period is required if it is in case of serious misconduct
U can also refer your standing orders
12th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Hi Gouri !
Your question has two basic issues:
1. Should There be Notice Period ? Response - Employer needs to give sufficient notice before separating any employee. Companies generally taking lead from section 25 of ID Act keep it to one month for Workmen and Junior level employees. This is also captured in the standing Orders applicable to the company. There are other considerations as well like Handing Over Taking Over Procedure, Getting the replacement for the position etc. Important to note is, Notice period of employee and employer should be same.
2.Should the employee be paid his salary for the notice period ? The answer is yes. The employee has worked during this period and therefore he needs to be paid his salary / wages.
Manindra Singh
12th December 2008 From India , New Delhi
Dear Gauri, As per labour laws one month notice period or one month salary in lieu of notice. After completion of notice period we need to pay the salary which he is worked for.
13th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
hello gauri
company has to give notice period to the employees as per their rules and for this notice period they are to be paid. after completion of notice period co. is not bound to pay to the employee.
I hope that u have got the answer to your question. if still any doubt feel free to contact me at

13th December 2008 From India , Pilani
hi Gauri, this usama hassan - HR cheif officer. the notice period depend upon the company policy which had been reflected on the employement contract.
14th December 2008 From Yemen ,
hi, Definitly company will provide u the salary after notice period, but u will get the salary, as per the company law after 45 days of your resignation. Thanx Gaurav
15th December 2008 From India , Ghaziabad
Giving Notice period depends on the company & as well as on the position of the employee. A month's notice is a standard for most of them , however, it could lead to 45days-2months for a Seniro level. And of course, Salary for the notice period must be provided with it.
16th December 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Yes gowri, you have to pay the salary for the candidate bcoz in his notice pwriod also he is working for your company know,till his releiving from ur company you have to pay the salary....
18th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Hi Gauri, Yes, we have to pay the amount due to employee. Notice period will be depend on company’s discretion. Regards sreekala
19th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Dear Gauri,
The notice period whether it is 3 months or 1 month depends upon the policy of the company. some companies waive off notice period but some stick to the policy strictly. And yes, during notice period the company has to process the leaving employees' salary. but please understand that after notice period service, you will have to leave the company and hence where is the question of getting salary. The salary is during the period and not after the period.
All the best in all your future endeavors,
19th December 2008 From Japan , Tokyo
Hai Gowri
Regarding the notice it depends upon the appointment order and employer , but once it has mentioned in the appointment order either company can pay or employee will work for one month or employer can deduct the one pay that depends upon the employer and employee and second normal noitce period is one month
check it with a.o
20th December 2008 From India , Madras
Notice Period has to be paid in connection to Handing and Taking over of Resigned Employees so that routine work should get demoralised.
Length of notice Period may differ from managment of company to company as your other freinds remarks also.
thanking you.
21st December 2008 From India , New Delhi
Dear Gauri Ji,

Notice Period is a must for a job either from the employee or from the employer. The notice period may come into force according to the appointment letter issued to the concerned employee. Once the company / employer decided that the service of the particular employee is not required by the company then the employer can give the notice to the employee. This notice period may vary according to the capacity where-in the employee works. For senior level some company may fix the notice period as 3 months. For junior level the company may fix as 1 month and this should have been mentioned in all the appointment letter.
Now comes to the salary part......... The employer / company has to pay for the notice period whether it is 1 month or 3 months irrespectively and there is no escape.

Hope this would clear your doubts Gouri Ji ?

For any clarification not only on this but in all HR matters, you may send me a mail to my personal ID : for your clarification/ doubts.

- thanks - ramani - Head - HR & Administration - bangalore
22nd December 2008 From India , New Delhi
Dear Gouri,
The notice period is in accordance with the terms of appointment, which normally means appointment letter. Pl refer your appointment letter. In case, if no notice period clause is included then you have no binding on the same and it is subjective.
However, you can pay notice period salary in advance instead of asking him to serve provided it is allowed in the appointment letter.
With warm regards,

25th December 2008 From India , Mumbai
Hi Gauri
Ideally an employee should serve his/ her notice period of a month as is in the case of our telecom company .Incase the employee is not willing to serve then in that case the number of days salary is recovered depending upon number of days in a month ( 30 / 31) if he/ she is a confirmed employee .
The appointment letter should clearly mention that either part reserves the right to terminate post mentioning the one month notice period .
do call me on 9999100222 in case of queries .Abhishek
25th December 2008 From India , Gurgaon
I have a question. Recently we hired a staff and agreed to pay him the compensation for the notice period he has to give his company. He informed that he did not get the salary for the notice period month and got a letter stating that without a seal and asking us to pay him the compensation. How we handle this?
11th January 2009 From India , Bangalore
Hi Gauri,
It is necessary to give/take notice period. Employee can have time for knowledge transfer to the exsisiting employees, Reg. project or any job related stuff. Even Employer can have time for induction of New employee for that suitable position.
From the date of resignation employee notice period is considered, and after completion of his notice period salary will not be paid to the employee.
Please let me known do you have any questions regarding this issue.
26th January 2009 From India , Hyderabad
Hii Gauri,
According to the labour law and company law, notice to give the employee within one month notice period. If someone completed his probation period than we have give one month notice period with one month pay or If someone has not completed his probation period than we have give one week or forthnightly notice period.
Everything is depend on the company rule that mean this is varrie company to company policy.
Amrish Singh Raghuwanshi
19th February 2009 From India , Bhopal
yes company has to pay the salary to the employee in the notice period
hrd :smile:
company should pay the salary not at the end of the notice period ,it has to pay the salary as usual,upto the completion of notice period.
company should pay the salary not at the end of the notice period ,it has to pay the salary as usual,upto the completion of notice period.
24th February 2009 From India , Coimbatore
Hi gauri,
If you give the appointment letter of the employee and mention the condition of the termination that mean it is totly depend on the term and condition of the company.
In my company probation period of six month that mean before six month i can terminat without prior notice but after the compltion of probation period i have to be give one month prior notice along with one month salary.
Amrish Singh Raghuwanshi
25th February 2009 From India , Bhopal
Hi gauri,
Before providing the relieving letter, exp. certificate etc., please ensure that during notice period employee attended the duty regularly and handed over its responsibilities to some one compitent to take and manage the work.
Otherwise in adverse situation the company have the bow in hand to relieve the employee at its terms and conditions.
But in any case recieve a full and final acknowledgement from thje employee before allow him to leave the employement.
2nd March 2009 From India , New Delhi
Dear Gauri,
A HR Professional should not have this doubt. Any work extracted should be paid. The notice period is the company's requirement to continue and handover the services of the position. You should pay for the notice period and settle them with good face.
As the employee's Final settlement papers or for evidence you can check his PF details, which will show the contribution for the period.

2nd March 2009 From India , Madras
if am applying for lecturer job if they asked abt notice period in application form details wai i sud fill in tat. .
23rd May 2009 From India , Madras
Dear All,

This is the case where an employee wants an early release.

Company has 45 days of notice period. Employee is requesting to get relived before completion of full notice period. Employee is ready to serve maximum 30 days and is ready to pay off the rest 15 days but as per discussion with Head HR it is management discretion to accept the pay off request and wants the employee to serve full notice period and work full heartedly and said that otherwise in his/her experience letter problem can arise.

In this case how should an employee react for an early release.

what all things will help the employee to get released.

He has got an offer from the next company and the joining date is within 30 days from now and the next company is ready to buy out the notice period but is interested in joining within 30days because the manager would leave to US on long-term and wants to spend sometime with the new joinee. Please help how he/she can look forward in this case.
22nd January 2011 From India , Delhi
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