Well as an Ops Manager @ a BPO, i’ve come to wonder what could be the real reasons behind the high levels of attrition & is there a solution to it et al :confused:
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The first alternative would be a lot more money, loads and loads of moolah. If thats not an option, why not get creative in terms of gifting them. A really creative, to the heart gift would go a long way in keeping them satisfied. What say??
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thanks 4 that valuable tip Roy... appreciate it... tho the moolah might not be an option... at least not at this time.. i feel the 'to-the-heart' gift seems like a great idea... but then again i've found them to fade away with time... so maybe the choice of gift is somethin i can start with...
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There are a load of options... an off site for a couple of days, extra days off to their existing quota, a cool gadget like an iPod, more flexible working hours, and the list can go on and on...
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A simple answer...Rewards, Recognition and Empowerment!
Give your people a reason to feel satisfied, wanted and most importantly a voice in major decisions affecting them. Let them participate in decisions and create a truly collaborative environment where they feel comfortable speaking to management about ideas and issues. Money becomes a secondary issue in this environment. Employees will sacrifice in other areas if they feel they are truly valued and can make a difference at their company. In our organization there is a constant endeavor to recognize, reward and empower employees and unlike most organizations we have not shelved the idea of gifting our top performers...guess what! we are giving away iPods, all well wrapped and personalized. Do you doubt for a second doubt the worth of this gesture in creating barriers to exit for our top employees... Try it and lemme know the success. here's a link to help you go about this efficiently iPod your life
Hope that helps

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making their work more and more creative is a cool idea. we can do it by having a prize for smart thinker etc...
although changing actual job is not possible but i m sure every work has wondeful aftereffect. find the good thing about the work and tell them.
Have a meeting wid your employes regarding ther problems , and give them effective solutions ,how to react if customer talking absurds .......wht to say to people taking abt your profile.........etc
Thier health shuld be considered on priority,hence shift timing shuld be in accordance to it.
and if all these things cant solve it then having hot things and parties will definetly help;-)

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High levels of attrition is primarily if employees stop seeing a personal growth within the organization. Job dissatisfaction also counts but if there is no career path then demotivation is higher. Managers should spend time with each employee to figure out what motivates each employee the most. If timely appreciation in the form of rewards and recognition is an organization wide practise it will help.
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More than appreciation, it is being candid with your employees that instills that sense of loyalty into them.
Clarity in terms company performance, salary terms, appraisal criteria are few of the parameters which a company can define properly. This would evoke understanding from the employees in times of crisis and would definitely factor in cutting down on attrition.

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Am sure that in theory something like that, but in theory employees are meant to see a different picture.
A BPO, like any other setup tries to maximize returns from minimum inputs, with a few convenient deviations along the way to keep a few people happy. It is only an assumption that employees are ignorant of what they are meted out.
There should be the odd gifting practice, that surely should be affordable, that should align the employees loyalty to the company and uphold their faith in it.

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As everyone is talking of gifting as a solution to it. i thinking Ipod seems like a really good corporate gift that a company should invest in. the link by Clare is perfect for that. I hope i do get them as gift this holidays.
From India , Bangalore

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