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Hi Guys, Have prepared a presentation on "Willpower", would need your suggestions/comments :) Thanks & Regards Priya
Posted 4th March 2009 From India , Delhi
Sorry folks :(, forgot to attach the presentation, first time !!!!! Please find attached the presentation and do let me know if this can be improved. Thanks & Regards Priya
Posted 4th March 2009 From India , Delhi
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Hi Priya,

The PPT is nice...

Some points to add:

a) Willpower to get over one's weaknesses;
b) Willpower to maintain it for ever;
c) Willpower is mind related. One need to have a strong mind as a first step. 'Self belief' that one can achieve what they want is the second requirement. With commitment, you can easily reach your goal. Strong mind+Self belief+Commitment = Willpower.

This is based on my experience.... :smile:

All the Best

Posted 4th March 2009 From India , Hyderabad
This is Short & Sweet, with Proper Message
Posted 4th March 2009 From India , Surat
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hii I could not open these attachments ,pls help me in fixing the problem or mail me on my id
Posted 5th March 2009 From India , Lucknow
Hi Priya, The content of the presentation is really good, but a bit short. I agree with one of the guest, that you should add a few thing related to a strong mind.
Posted 5th March 2009 From India , Mumbai
Hi Priya, It’s really good. Keep sending more like this. Thanks & Regards, Adhi Saravana Kumar
Posted 6th March 2009 From India , Madras
Presentation permeates the gesire to have a positive attitude.Quick and ever present sense of humour is another pre-requisite for a positive attitude
Posted 6th March 2009 From India , Bangalore
:wink: Willp-ower is a good topic to prepare presentation ,which should impressive ,logical & construde. Regards , B Rambar
Posted 6th March 2009 From India , Vijayawada
very good ppt its the life what we dream ofand dream should be what we want our life to be with strong willpower:smile:
Posted 6th March 2009 From India , Mumbai
Nice, Priya, Really good presentation.You can add meditation which provides strength for getting strongest will power.
Posted 6th March 2009 From India , New Delhi
Dear Priya

You have done a wonderful job by preparing this Will Power Presentation.
I feel the passion(Drive for Achievement) as a extra slide should be their in the presentation.
Only Drive for Achievement will lead to WILL Power more

Thank you

Posted 6th March 2009 From India , Delhi
Hi Priya,
I have seen ur Willpower presentation; its good, but it do not foresee anyone to go for it. I mean "WillPower" is associated with Mind & Emotion & it should click in these parts first to the human reading it.

Let me say few things here, if this ppt is to be present to few people then please select a good slide & confortable sizes of fonts. Add pictures like motivated cartoons, flags etc, as pictures says about more than 1000 words. Now the first slide: Priya, we had so many great heroes who spoken about Will Power then why to choose Hitler as the world persue him as arrogant personality, I understand he was good at his place but you may shift that in the middle or last of your presentation & may use some other masterpiece comment. Well, the greatest key to WillPower is the "Knowledge" so one should have proper "Knowledge" about the subject of he is "Willing" to. Also, WillPower is associated with the "THINKING" & "IMAGINATION" & "BELIEF" system, so may be you can mention those.
Well, WillPower is never ending topic but finally whatever u present should be Crisp & Clear to you first & then to audience.

So all the best. You have done really a good work. Keep it up.

Posted 8th March 2009 From India , Mumbai
Hi Priya, the content of the presentation is good; however according to me there should be below changes......

1. First slide should not be there as this is something which needs to be shared with audience while presenting it....

2. your have written that....5 excercises to improve will power..however on every slide you written (1)...even on first slide you have bullet (o) instead of number (1) ....

these are just my suggestions....please don't mind...if it does not make any sense....

well let me say that you have prepaired a good presentation:)
Posted 8th March 2009 From India , Delhi
HI Priya,
Well begun is half done! You have made a good beginning and it looks like you have a very logical and progressive thought process. Congrats and keep it up.
Consider adding more slides using the following threads (you may fill them up with more elaborate examples, vocabulary etc.):-
1. Willpower is enhanced through training; both structured and spontaneous. Structured training has better success rate, though.
2. It depends on physical and mental strength, to a great extent.
3. Early upbringing has a substantial impact on willpower in typical situations in later life.
4. Incremental successes have proven to influence the willpower significantly.
5. During moments of weakness, a good leader/mentor/ friend may prove to be a decisive catalyst and help bridge the narrow gap between desired level of willpower and the actual 'flow'!

There are more inputs which I would like to contribute. What are your views, so far?
You may also like to visit my blog (recently activated) to read my views on other topics. Prasanna's Mindspace

Warm Regards,
Prasanna Kumar

Posted 8th March 2009 From India , Bangalore
Hi Priya,

Nice presentation. You have mentioned small and doble changes which can really change one mental attitude. Fantastic effort.
Just would like to suggest if you can add stuff on mind control and mind programming ? These things when followed properly can help you achieve great feats in your life.

Posted 9th March 2009 From India , Mumbai
Hi Frds, The presentation is gud & i Liked verymuch Jerry story about the choosing the choice. Will power is too gud . GK
Posted 9th March 2009 From United States ,
Hi Priya, This attachement is not opening on my PC can you sent it on
Posted 9th March 2009 From India , Thana
It's a good presentation, but if your first slide is a quote by Hitler -- on willpower, I'd get up and walk out. DO NOT use a Hitler quote unless your audience include terrorists or dictators. Instead use something like:

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." -James Gordon

I'm sure there are more quotes on willpower.

I'm not sure if you are prepared to give examples from your own life; regardless, you should. For example, in one of your slides, you have:

  • Give yourself a target to achieve, to be completed within a time frame.

  • It can be giving up smoking, reading a particular number of books or losing a certain amount of weight etc.
Explain how you set a time frame and were able to give up a bad habit. [BTW, I believe timeframe should be two words, not one]

Finally, are you really talking about willpower or breaking habits. You do need willpower to break habits, but willpower, in my opinion, is more than just breaking habits.

You might want to read/view the book/movie The Secret in which the contributors talk about the Law of Attraction and how to change the mindset.
Posted 9th March 2009 From United States , Sherman Oaks
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Posted 9th March 2009 From India , Ahmadabad
Hi, The PPT is extremely good. It’s very simple but hits the head hard. That’s the way people learn it. Regards, Praveen HG
Posted 9th March 2009 From India , Bangalore
Nice. somthething no one talked thro ppt. still try to add more points and slides, examples .
Posted 10th March 2009 From India , Madras
hiiI could not open these attachments ,pls help me in fixing the problem or mail me on my id
Posted 11th March 2009 From Lebanon ,
Hello Priya,

The presenation is really nice.....

Have you prepared this presenatation....i doubt....i had the same presentation available with me 3 years back.:x

If you have really come-up with this presenatation(3 yrs back) ,then it's really worth appreciating....


Posted 11th March 2009 From United Kingdom , London
Hi Priya,
That was a great presentation on willpower.I really liked the simple but great steps to achieve willpower.Waiting more such useful info from you...Sorry for the late comment...

Posted 12th March 2009 From India , Madras
I suggest that you need to change the 1st slide. Deep the history more before you quote someone.
Posted 12th March 2009 From United States , Bellevue
hi priya i didn’t any attached ppt can u plz mail me in my id even pdf file is having sm error thanks Nisha
Posted 12th March 2009 From India , Bhopal
Dear Priya,

Nice presentation. If only you had used ppt, it would be more attractive for readers

Good Luck
well wisher

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Posted 12th March 2009 From India , Madras
Hi priya, i couldnt view the presentation doesnt seem to open.....could u pls mail me at Thanks. Regards, Palak Khandelwal
Posted 13th March 2009 From India , Mumbai
that was really good...! we can say sugar coated capsules to improve will power...! keep posting such nice things
Posted 13th March 2009 From India , Ahmadabad


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